Precor RBK 815 recumbent bike review

Those of you looking for a higher end recumbent bike could well be interested in the Precor RBK 815. Those of you familiar with this brand will already know all about the quality of their end products in the fitness industry and their customers views and feedback more often then not, reflect that.

Those of you looking for cardio equipment that will stand the test of time with durable frames may not need to look further. Strength and stability along with a tremendous set of features ensure users can fulfill there fitness potential.

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Features and specifications

Browsing through the many specs on offer, one thing becomes apparent. This is a top tier recumbent bike that has the capability to be the main driving force (or should I say riding) behind your whole weight loss program. The amount of features on offer blows most of it’s competitors away. Lets have a look at the main settings, functions and design below.

Some alternative models include the Life Fitness R1 and the Exerpeutic 900xl. Different budget levels have different options a lot of the time, so it’s well worth looking at your options before deciding on buying anything.

Training options

Working out on this bike will be highly effective in your battle to lose weight and tone up. Not to mention it’s wide list of training functions can really help with breathing and endurance which can have a long lasting impact on your health and lifestyle.

It comes equipped with twenty five resistance levels which is certainly above the industry average and will allow beginners, intermediate and advanced users to extract the most out of their potential by gradually working their way up the different tension levels. Combine consistent workouts that push your boundaries to the limit with a healthy diet, and results are going to come quicker than you expected.

In addition to the above, it comes with six different work out apps to promote focus and motivation. Both of which are extremely important in pushing yourself to higher intensity levels.

It has a heart rate sensor that will send information about your current pulse rate through to the monitor or console at the front of the bike. This will record your heart rate accurately and can be extremely accurate in helping you judge fitness and whether or not you need to speed things up or slow down.

Design and structure

Recumbent exercise bikes are getting more and more modern with this, the Exerpeutic 4000 and Schwinn 270 being prime examples. At the center of it’s modern design is it’s step through design that is perfect for less mobile users. People overcoming injuries and so on will appreciate the simplicity of getting on and off the bike. And when you compare the recumbent seating to that of a traditional stationary option, you get plenty more support on your back.

The seat itself is ventilated to keep you cool and padded to help riders remain as comfortable as possible.

Product dimensions are: 67 inches length by 23 inches width by 49 inches height and it can hold a max weight of 350 pounds showing the quality of  the frame and structure.


Consumers are protected by ten years warranty on frame and welds. Should anything go wrong due to the daily stresses thrown at it, it is always nice to know you are covered.

Summary and final thoughts

Whilst many will have certain reservations with spending large amounts of cash on high end cardio equipment, their will also be many who want something that lasts a long time and pays for itself over and over in the long run. If you are in the latter category, then the RBK 815 could be ideal for your gym. There is a huge amount of quality to be found in it’s spec list and design that will help users achieve the results they have always hoped for be it losing belly fat or just maintaining fitness. Either way, if you have a larger budget, this may be worth keeping tabs on.

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Our rating:94%
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