Phoenix 99608 recumbent bike review

Designed for quiet operation that will keep noise levels to a minimum in your home gym, the Phoenix 99608 certainly has won many consumers over with it’s low cost price tag, comfortable seating that supports your back and wealth of settings made available to improve your stamina and health.

Many consumers have had plenty of positive thoughts to say about it. Users often talk about overall value for money at various sources and are generally happy with their purchase.

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Features and specifications

So what is it about this bike that makes it attract consumers time and time again?  Well, to start off with, you only have to look at it’s current price tag and compare it with similar bikes in the same region. It has a clear advantage here that one would assume provides greater value for money than the majority of models in this tier. Perhaps the only downside is that it comes from a lesser known brand as opposed to the 270 from Schwinn fitness or the ProForm 6.0 ES.

Lets find out why it is one of the more popular models in the exercise bike market despite the low budget appearance.

Design and structure quality

Naturally, people look for a sturdy, long lasting structure when they purchase gym equipment. Who wants to own machines that break after a month. The costs can often be ridiculous in the long run when you compare them to buying a solid, well built machine. The 99608 in particular strikes us as a perfect example of a bike with a more durable design thanks to it’s 3 inch tubular steel frame. It’s  manufacturer recommended weight capacity is 250 pounds. Go over this and you are at risk of damaging it. Certainly enough for the average home gym though.

Perhaps one of it’s more unique features at this price point is in it’s ability to change the frame length at the bottom. This makes a change to the usual seating re-positioning and will accommodate the many different leg sizes who use this machine. Additionally, foot straps will ensure users feel stable throughout their ride regardless of speed or intensity.

Once put together it will measure at 58 inches by 24 inches by 38 inches.

Training functionality

Now we move onto perhaps the most important aspect of any exercise bike. The training settings involved. How will it help the user get fitter?

First of all it has eight different levels of magnetic style resistance that is great for those of you who want to keep noise levels down in the household. The downside here is that there is limitations in how hard you push yourself. Once you get to the hardest level you will plateau and may need a new challenge. I would say for both beginners and intermediate users this will be fine though.

Secondly, you can keep an eye on stats on the monitor provided at the front. Key performance indicators include speed, time and distance with several other key stats available should you wish to see them.

Summary and final thoughts

With stiff competition in the recumbent bike market, it is nice to see a lower priced machine such as the Phoenix 99608 take the lead as one of the most popular choices. I believe it has been successful due to a combination of things including the inexpensiveness, comfort & support plus a good amount of functionality that will aid users reach their fitness targets.

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Our rating:87%
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