Phoenix 99605 Upright Bike review

The Phoenix 99605 is an exercise bike with a modern and unique design. It has plenty of positive features that help it stand out from the competition and is well suited to users not looking to break the bank.

For the price, the feedback from users has been positive. Several remarks talk about the great lightweight design, how smooth and quiet it runs as well as the challenge it gives users.

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This is certainly a entry level to intermediate bike. That does not mean you should lower your expectations. For this reasonably inexpensive price point, I think customers will be pleasantly surprised at what it’s capabilities and functions are. Certainly worth looking into if you have not got deep pockets to spend on cardio exercise equipment. So to help you come to a decision as to whether this bike is the right choice, I have compiled a short list of features, and specifications below.

  • The traditional upright design gives a more realistic feeling on the bike compared to recumbent styles. While recumbent bikes tend to offer more support to the spinal region, you need to decide if that is an appropriate substitute for realism and natural posture while cycling.
  • Built to run very quietly and smoothly thanks to the magnetic resistance. For those of you not looking to disturb anyone else in the house while you workout or enjoy multitasking while riding, this will be a welcome addition.
  • Suitable for users just starting out or even intermediate to more advanced cyclists because it offers a total of eight different difficulty levels ranging from easy to medium to hard. There is a level suitable for everyone’s current stamina and fitness.
  • The built in computer console is clear and precise and offers every stat you will need to track progress such as time spent cycling, how quick you are, how far you have cycled and plenty more. A great tool for monitoring how you are progressing as time goes on.
  • Hand pulse sensors will let users know what their current heart rate is.
  • A tubular steel frame that offers the support and durability you need from a exercise bike.
  • It can get mobile and moved around fairly easily thanks to the transport wheels on the front.
  • Once put together the dimensions are as follows: 45.3 inches by 51.6 inches by 19 inches.

If you are looking for something a bit more technologically advanced than this model, have a look at the Revolution Cycle Pro II. Or, if you are looking into several styles before you buy, take a look at the BodyCraft R25 or our exercise bike reviews page for in depth information and knowledge.


A great starter to intermediate solution, the 99605 bike has some impressive features for the price. It is compact and easy to use making it ideal for home gyms plus it has a good amount of variety in tension levels to help you work your way up, improving your health, stamina and fitness along the way.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:84%
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