Nautilus R514c review

The Nautilus R514c provides a comfortable exercise experience for consumers. It boasts a fantastic design with some terrific features that will help make your fitness goals become a reality.

This would make a brilliant home gym recumbent bike. It has many of the important features that you would find in your local commercial gym, but you will not need to spend anywhere near as much to get your hands on it.

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Comfort – As mentioned above, Nautilus have really thought about the design with this bike. The added comfort and support it will bring to users while exercising is certainly one of the stand out features of the bike. The back of the seat can be fully adjusted to meet most peoples requirements. It also has a thick layer of padding on it which, many users will appreciate if they have ever purchased a exercise bike in the past that had no form of padding. This is always a welcome addition.

On top of all that it provides brilliant support for backs, preventing injury and lowering the amount of stress placed upon it.

Console – The LCD computer console on the R514c measures at 2.25 inches by 5 inches. It will display some really handy stats including: Watt level, time, speed, distance, calories and pulse. All the main settings of your exercise can also be controlled from it. This will include things like the fan, quick start and much more.

Exercise experience – It offers sixteen levels of magnetic resistance, and twenty different workout programs. If that’s not a nice amount of variety, I don’t know what is. This along with a sixteen and a half pound perimeter weighted flywheel will give users a quiet and smooth workout every time.

Each of the workout programs come with new challenges that users can try to meet, pushing them further and motivating them to take their workout to the next level. The nice amount of variety in difficulty/resistance levels will mean users can work there way through each one at their own pace. This helps this particular model be user friendly for people of all fitness backgrounds. It don’t matter if you are Mo Farah or an average Joe, you will all find something that on this bike that will give you a top quality workout.

Heart rate monitoring – This bike comes with the grip type heart rate monitor. Users can record their pulse by gripping onto the sensors. When it has taken the readings from you it will then display it on the main computer console for you to see.

Other nice features – A fan with three different speed settings will come as a welcome addition for users who like to exercise at an intensive level. There is also a reading rack to read while having a gentle pace ride, a water bottle holder, and speakers to blare out your favorite tunes and pump you up.


If you are after something with an even more commercial or club level feel, you may also want to take a look at the Precor RBK 615. There are some similarities between the two, however they are for different budget levels, so choose wisely. There is also several recumbent bikes that we recommend you look at before buying, such as the Horizon Fitness Comfort R and Livestrong LS6.0R.

Overall, the Nautilus R514c packs some really great features. It offers plenty of resistance and workout programs, has a solid and sturdy design and has everything a user typically requires to kick start their weight loss or cardio journey. The value for money is definitely there, so this is certainly one to consider. But if you want more information about this machine see user reviews on the link below.

Click here to read customer reviews or check prices

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