Marcy ME-708 upright exercise bike review

The Marcy me-708 offers brilliant value for users not looking to spend a whole lot of cash on new equipment for home cardio training. Because of it’s magnetic resistance settings, users will appreciate how smooth and stable riding tends to be plus for a budget bike, it offers a very stable frame, allowing users to reach and push towards their fitness limits.

The majority of users who have bought this trainer in the past have been very happy with the design, build and exercise settings provided. Obviously with the current price it is easy to get your hands on, and surprisingly good for sweaty, strenuous cycling for weight loss.

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Features and Specifications

Simple set up, easy installation and a very smooth ride with plenty of features and settings are just a few ways I would describe this bike. For the price point it can, when used efficiently and with a workout plan, be extremely effective in warding off fat and improving general well being. You will find listed below a few of the settings and information about the model.

  • It comes with several levels of magnetic style resistance. Eight in total. Not only does this style resistance provide stability and smoothness on your rides, but it gives a great deal of variety in difficulty levels to meet various consumers health and fitness abilities.
  • The peddles comes equipped with foot straps that are adjustable to help prevent slipping while cycling and at the same time reduce the chances of users picking up an injury. These peddles are counterbalanced.
  • In addition to the above , you will find that it offers a console to track several stats. Not much different from the higher tier models, but still a very effective way to understand how your workout has been progressing and how it has benefited you. Included within these stats are speed, calories, time and distance.
  • The dimensions of the bike are 31.5 inches by 48.75 inches by 18 inches. This is a very compact size, which may be ideal for users who are looking to workout in rooms or homes with very limited amounts of space available to them.
  • Built in transport wheels allow it to be moved with ease, removing the need for any heavy lifting.
  • The grips on the handlebars are padded to reduce the amount of stress and strain your arms, hands and wrists come under while cycling.

Users who have back problems may be more interested in the me-709 or the AFG 4.0AR as it offers a lot more support in the lumber region. Or if you are just browsing and seeing whats on offer, why not check out our workout bikes section.


When you look at the price, you don’t really set your expectations too high. But the Marcy ME-708 bike sets the bar very high for similar bikes in this tier. It has everything a user needs to start losing weight from the comfort of their own homes including tracking software, plenty of resistance and a stable design. So if you are unsure what bike to get, but don’t have a particularly large budget in place, why not put this model on your consideration list?

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Our rating:92%
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