Marcy Foldable Upright Bike Review

The Marcy foldable exercise bike is an easy to install and compact exercising solution. With a stable frame and space saving design features, users can be sure they will get a good workout using this highly mobile bike for a inexpensive price point.

You only have to look through a few of the customer reviews to understand the true value for money it provides. For beginners looking to start out on their journey to better health this is going to be a great piece of cardio equipment that fits your needs. What’s more it will cut out the need to buy a gym membership and allow you to workout in the comfort of your own home.

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For a exercise bike in the lower budget range, it is surprisingly strong and built for maximizing user comfort. The sheer simplicity of this machine makes it perfect for home gym use as it can easily be folded up and put away in storage without causing too much trouble. Lets have a look at the specs and features in the list below. For something a bit more advanced, why not have a look at the Bladez Fitness Aero Pro and the 910ub from Diamondback Fitness.

  • It runs on continuous, manual set resistance levels. Of course some will complain that it lacks the convenience offered in the higher tech, digital resistance settings, but for the price you can’t go far wrong. Plus this way users can easily switch to the resistance they need and exercise at their own level that they feel happy with.
  • In addition to the resistance settings, this bike is adjustable in height to cater for the variety body and leg lengths.
  • A padded seat designed for comfort. If you have ever cycled on a exercise bike with a hard saddle, you will understand why this is a great feature. The added comfort on your glutes will make you a lot happier and focused while riding.
  • Probably the feature that gives the most incentive to buy is the space saving design. The fact that it is foldable and so easy to move around make this absolutely ideal for home gym use. The compact design means you could in theory take it traveling or on holiday with you without it taking up much space. What’s more, once fully folded it is so easy to slot into otherwise difficult to fit storage areas.
  • The food pedals come with straps that are adjustable to meet the many different foot sizes that will be using this bike.
  • The computer console on the front of the bike will show users how they are coming along. Key progress information is shown on the screen and includes numbers about your speed, time taken, calories, distance and more. A very nifty little device that can work wonders in keeping track of your progress as the weeks go by.

For users looking for a low budget solution that is easy to tidy up and put away after use, this model will be more than enough. Alternatively there is also the ME-708 which could also be something worth researching into. But for those of you looking to take your workouts to the next level on a more advanced exercise bike, then you could have a look at something else in our exercise bike reviews section. Either way, there is plenty of brands out there that will cater for pretty much everyone’s fitness needs.


As a low budget piece of exercise equipment, the Marcy foldable bike provides a really good, space saving design that will fold up and store away easily. Whats more it is lightweight, compact and includes adjustable resistance to give beginners and intermediates a great full body cardiovascular workout.

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Our rating:79%
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