Marcy Club Revolution Cycle review

The club revolution spin bike is one of those cardio trainers that come along once in a while that really impress us. The heavy flywheel quality allow it to become one of the stand out options in the indoor cycle market.

For a realistic ride, and an outstanding amount of features, this could well be the missing piece of your gym that you have been looking for. We certainly see the value for money, can you?

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Features and specifications

When providing these overviews of different exercise bikes, we like to ensure we cover all the bases through comprehensive reviews that look at various rating sources around the web. We then combine that with our own expertise and knowledge to ensure riders know exactly what it is they are getting for their money. We have always believed this is the best way to conduct research as it has served myself and several friends well in the past. Let’s have a look below through the spec list.

Despite being a lower to medium price tier bike, we are overwhelmed with what’s included, with several settings and options that you only normally find in the higher tiers. That in itself, is an early sign of value for money.

The design is a modern style with racing style handlebars like on the Horizon Fitness M4, strategically placed to ensure you are aerodynamic at all stages of your ride, which is fantastic for training for events. Not only that but it’s also a very natural and ergonomically correct way of cycling which can help reduce problems and injuries in the long term.

The handles and saddle are both adjustable, should you need to tweak the cycling position to something that comes more natural to you. Again, this will reduce the amount of stress and strain the body takes on board, allowing you to focus on the training rather than pain and discomfort.

It’s equipped with a heavy flywheel that allows it to operate highly efficiently with special attention being paid to a smooth, and consistent ride that will allow riders to get the performance levels they require out of it.

Runs on manual style resistance which users can increase the intensity level at which they ride to the level which they feel they can handle. This should always be something that challenges you otherwise progress may be very limited.

The peddles have some great cages that keep you feet glued in place as you peddle away. These are also adjustable to cater to the many different feet sizes. There is nothing worst than going flat out on a spin bike only for a foot to slip mid way through.

What’s more, gone is the worry for lifting this trainer around thanks to the transport wheels. Simply roll into the training area. Smooth and conveniently.

Summary – Our final thoughts

When we look at all that’s included we believe the manufacturer summed it up themselves pretty well. This is a club level quality bike. We can certainly see that through looking at specs and various ratings around the web. If it’s something professional, realistic and reliable you are after, the Marcy club revolution may be one of the smartest choices you make. Consumers so far have echoed our thoughts at the time of writing this. Even though feedback is limited, there is still a certain vibe surrounding it that suggests a level of quality not often found at this tier.

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Our rating:96%
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