MagneTrainer-ER Mini review

The MagneTrainer-ER is the ideal solution for someone looking to get there daily exercise dose while they work/read/type/phone at their desk. It’s mini and lightweight design allows it to slot easily under a table or desk without too much trouble.

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This can be used for a variety of purposes, but mainly to exercise and tone up both your arms and legs. It has a really good amount of variation in resistance allowing users to gradually work towards their fitness goals without burning out too soon. When compared to similar products on the market the amount of variation in magnetic tension puts it right up there with the best for equipment of this kind.

It’s lightweight design allows the user to easily move it around the house/gym without doing any back breaking work. But don’t be fooled into thinking because it is so compact that it will have a flimsy frame. On the contrary it has a sturdy frame made of steel which allows it to to stand the test of time without falling to pieces in the process. Whats more, added stability from the leg frames is ensured because they are 15 inches in width.

It would seem user convenience has also been considered with the pedals. They come with velcro style straps which have been made to specifically handle the wide variation in feet shapes and sizes, something that can’t be said about all mini exercise bikes on the market. These straps are also fully adjustable to customize the fit to meet the users comfort requirements.

Despite it being so small, it also has the ability to monitor key exercise statistics such as your speed, overall distance, total time and calories you have spent while riding the bike. Set yourself personal targets and work towards them using this computer display each day.

These are what I like to call convenience bikes. There are several good ones on the market. So if you are interested in this particular one, why not also have a look at the Fitdesk x 2.0 review and also the semi-recumbent from Fitdesk.

What customers are saying about it

Clearly, the majority of reviews we found on the net are very happy with there mini bike. Often users commented on the design, noting how sturdy it is for such a compact bike.

Others talk about how it comes with an impressive range of magnetic resistance compared to similar bikes on the market.


Overall, the MagneTrainer-ER Mini bike is a great solution for those of you looking to fit in some cardio around your working hours. It is very understandable that users often find it difficult to get in the recommended cardio amount each week. However thanks to the sheer convenience and brilliantly compact design of this bike, you can be sure you will not be needing to worry about this problem again. A excellent piece of equipment providing great bang for your buck.

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Our rating:76%
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