LifeSpan Fitness R3i review

The LifeSpan Fitness R3i brings the power and performance to any home gym environment. It’s well structured, modern design combined with it’s general exercise features and capabilities make this an ideal piece of cardio equipment for users of all fitness levels.

So, if you are looking for something with durability and plenty of top class features, and that runs very smoothly, then this could be exactly what you have been looking for.

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While this may not be the greatest solution for those of you on a lower budget, for medium and higher budgets looking for quality and a longer lease of life on the equipment, this will be ideal. With tons of great features to keep you going, this could be the missing part of the puzzle in your journey to get in shape. Have a look at some of the great specifications on offer in the list below.

  • Comfort is the first and foremost feature that stands out. With a specially molded and foam padded seat, plenty of ventilation on the seats back and a good amount of positional adjustments available, users can be sure that they will feel as comfortable as can be while cycling. Being comfortable, I have found really helps reduce the amount of injuries you pick up through the years. In addition to the above it has a recumbent style design that gives so much more support while riding when compared to the traditional upright style bikes, especially lumbar support. So if injuries is something you find yourself constantly dealing with, this could be the perfect replacement bike for reducing the overall impact on your body, joints and muscles. The other comfort feature included are the arm rests at the side of the seat that will not only support your arms but give you something to hold onto in more intensive training sessions.
  • It has built in heart rate sensors on the arm rests that feeds the pulse info back to the user via the computer console on the front of the bike.
  • It includes sixteen different magnetic resistance levels to work your way through. If you are just starting out, you may want to start out on the easier levels to find out what your current fitness level is. Once you start to struggle on a certain difficulty, stay on that one until you improve and gradually move up when you feel ready. This type of training where you consistently challenge yourself to reach new levels can be extremely effective in burning fat and toning up, not to mention improving muscle strength and endurance.
  • A good amount of exercise apps or programs. Two of these apps are more geared towards user heart rate, while several others are attributed to sports training, weight loss, and healthy living. It also has the ability to users to create two of their own customized programs for added variety.
  • A clear indicator of how strong the product is can often be attributed to the user weight capacity. In this case it is well above the recumbent bike industry average with an allowance of up to 400 pounds. A solid frame and foundation for a long lasting piece of cardio equipment.
  • Once installed the bike measures at:  70 inches by 27.5 inches by 44.5 inches. A reasonable size for home use.
  • The computer display at the front of the machine is easy to read and navigate with large buttons and text. It will also give all the workout stats users need to track performance such as speed, time, distance, pulse and so on. It also includes speakers so that users can easily connect things like their iPod and workout to their favorite tunes.

If this particular bike is not within your current budget, not to worry there are plenty of bikes on the market such as the Marcy ME-709 and the Schwinn A20. Some are cheaper, some more expensive but one things for sure there is a bike that will meet everyone’s budget in our exercise bike reviews page.


When everything is said and done, it is easy to see why the LifeSpan Fitness R3i is rated as a higher tier exercise bike. It has a fantastic design that focuses on user comfort and a solid build and frame that handles user weights of up to 400 pounds. Whats more it has great variety in exercise applications and magnetic resistance to help you improve your fitness and endurance over time.

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Our rating:89%
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