Life Fitness R1 review

If technologically advanced training appeals to you, then the R1 lifecycle may be exactly what you need to propel you towards meeting your fitness targets. It is equipped with top of the line functions that make exercise both fresh and fun.

The design is both modern and supportive, with a easy to access frame that will ensure proper lumber support is in place. Those of you looking to frequently train and burn off fat will also find the various training settings built into the console extremely handy.

Many ratings found around the web have been positive with plenty of signs that this is a recumbent bike built to help users excel and stand the test of time.

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Design and durability

When searching for a new exercise bike, we always look at a few key design characteristics before we take pull our wallets out. In most cases, you want to have a certain degree of comfort, a strong and stable frame, and adjustable positions to handle multiple leg lengths and so on.

The r1 meets all of these things and more with a comfy padded seat that will support your back extremely well, a seat that can be positioned further and closer to the peddles to cater for taller and shorter people, and it has a well put together frame that is strong.

Additionally, the handles can be gripped at both the side and front which will appeal to the wider majority of consumers as many people cycle with different grips that they feel most comfortable with.

All of these are great indicators of a long lasting machine that will certainly help in your journey to health.

As for dimensions, it is not the smallest model, but it’s not something that you will struggle to fit into your average home gym either with measurements of 59.8 inches by 29.1 inches by 17.5 inches .

Exercise settings

So how does it hold up against the competition in the exercise bike market? It can be difficult for any one model to stand out from the rest with the amount of variety currently available. Let’s have a look at what sort of functionality is available below.

It comes equipped with sensors that can help you keep track of your heart rate. This information gets fed back to the console and is easy to manage and break down where needed. Statistics can be a great extra in any workout regime, that is why Life Fitness have also got plenty of other easily accessible data on display including current resistance level, time taken, speed travelled at, distance and amount of calories burned off.

The console also comes with several other riding options including race mode, programs, user profiles, exercise goals and much more. This will really help users progress to the fitness levels they are looking for.

What are consumers saying?

One thing is apparent from our research, and that is this is a model which is full of some excellent training options that will help burn off the calories and improve stamina. Consumer feedback from various stores and shops around the web echo these thoughts with several different positive reviews found.

One could argue that there is a downside in the pricing, however, if you are truly looking for a cardio trainer that gets the job done and lasts, this could be right up your street.

Not all styles are the same when it comes to exercise bikes, so it is only natural with the abundance of user preferences that there is mixed feedback on occasions. Those of you looking for a more traditional ride, may want to have a look at the c3 upright bike or the Diamondback Fitness 510UB.

Our final thoughts

The R1 lifecycle go may not hold the same power in branding, but the quality is certainly there. This represents all that is right with the upper price tier recumbent bikes with top class training features alongside a well built, durable structure. So, if you are looking for quality over everything else, this bike is certainly worth thinking about.

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