Kettler Golf R recumbent bike review

Those of you looking to take weight loss matters into your own hands should seriously consider setting up your home gym. They are reasonably inexpensive when you factor in the costs that would otherwise come from commercial memberships, and commuting fees. The Kettler Golf R is the perfect example of an exercise bikes users can use at home to get the fitness results they have been looking for.

With lot’s of training programs, functions, and a solid design, this could be the cardio machine that you have been looking for.

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Features and specification list

Providing an essential list of specs for exercising, the Golf R bike certainly has what it takes to help consumers reach their physical peak. A higher tier option, much like the Cycle R from Kettler.  that is superior to many of it’s competitors due to overall build, and variety in settings, this could be a great choice for working out in the comfort of your own home, perhaps cycling while watching television or listening to the radio.

Learn specific information about this particular model below, where you will find an in-depth summary of all it’s features.

  • Clear and precise data fed back to the user in real time. Key information included within these stats are: RPM, time, distance and more. The text and numbers are clearly visible and easy to read. A great way to monitor your performance in any one particular ride.
  • It comes with a heavy 22 pound flywheel that will give a very smooth and sturdy workout. Common issues with bikes include a feeling of rattling and an inconsistent ride. That is not the case with this particular model.
  • Really handy heart rate controlled programming that sets the intensity of the ride inline with what your current pulse is. Highly effective at helping users pace themselves and reaching specific targets. If you are the type that burns themselves out too soon, or  someone who gets through their workout without breaking a sweat, this could be ideal.
  • Fifteen different magnetic resistance levels offer the variety needed for both athletes, and beginners alike.
  • Seat is fully padded and can be moved into several different positions depending on consumer preferences. Great at limiting the stress on muscle groups and bones plus when combined with the supportive, recumbent design, it has all the makings for becoming your most comfortable ride yet.
  • Solid and durable foundations with a carbon steel frame, designed to give it a longer lease of life. It’s 330 pound user weight limit highlights this fact further.
  • Product dimensions are: 67 inches by 22 inches by 48 inches.

Before you decide on whether to buy this model or not, why not have a look at the upright and indoor cycle variations including the Giro P and the Giro GT


Certainly not a machine to be written off. Best described as an effective top tier cardio bike, the Kettler Golf R definitely boasts the features needed to achieve results, be it weight loss, toning up, or just building endurance. It’s strong design combined with it’s wealth of great training features help it stand out as one of the most reliable options for your home gym.

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Our rating:95%
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