Kettler Giro R recumbent bike review

Training from home is a highly effective way to maintain focus and achieve results. The distractions tend to be minimal and it will save you a boat load of cash in the long run. The Kettler Giro R is a perfect example of a piece of cardio equipment that is perfect for a home gym. It has all the training specifics and functions needed to help you work up a sweat and increase your stamina.

With a solidly constructed frame and a recumbent style design that does a great job in supporting users backs, this is an ideal mid tier solution for all your exercise needs.

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Feature and specification list

Perhaps, not as popular as some exercise bikes in the fitness industry, however, with the large amount of choice available to consumers in this day and age, gems are often overlooked and this could be the ideal solution for you.

Much like the Axos Cycle R and Golf R, it’s designed to workout your legs primarily, it can give extra muscle definition while at the same time burning off fat and helping users stay in shape. Lot’s of secondary supporting muscles also play a part in the movement such as your abdominal muscles, meaning this will provide a full body workout that can provide great results in the right hands.

Let’s find out a bit more about what this machine has to offer below.

  • Users can set up to sixteen different levels of magnetic resistance ranging from easy for beginners, medium, for people looking to maintain fitness and weight, and of course the more difficult, higher levels which is for the more advanced users who cycle on a regular basis. The great thing about the variety in tension levels is that there is almost always a new barrier to overcome thus helping users maintain focus and stay determined to reach their goals.
  • Eight different exercise programs that will bring an added level of difficulty and motivation to your ride. Perhaps, not the mpst variety offered in the market but a good amount for a medium tier recumbent bike.
  • The Giro R also comes equipped with a high tech computer console that displays key indicators of overall performance levels on the screen. These indicators include speed, distance, time, heart rate and much more. For those of you who are serious about tracking progress, this will end up being an extremely handy feature.
  • Runs on a 17.5 pound flywheel for a smooth and consistent ride.
  • Offers a quick start solution for those who like no nonsense exercise. Get on the bike, begin peddling and away you go.
  • Handlebars have a handy comfortable design coated in foam. If any of you who have ever rode a bike with plastic or metal handles, you will really appreciate the amount of stress it will reduce on the hands, wrists and arms.
  • Seat is fully adjustable and can be moved in up to thirteen different positions. This will cater for the many different heights that will be wanting to use this bike.
  • Runs very quietly thanks to it’s Poly “V” drive belt. The quieter the better, especially in a family home.
  • Equipped with built in transportation casters that make it extremely easy to re-position when not in use.


While by no means the most impressive bike we have come across, the Kettler Giro R recumbent bike does possess certain qualities that allow it to compete with many of the products in this price point. The first is the comfort settings that allow a huge amount of positional changes depending on customer preferences. The second is the high level of resistance choice. Users from all categories of fitness are able to get benefits from it. Overall, I would rate it as a solid bike that could be a great investment for your home gym, so keep an eye on it.

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Our rating:92%
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