Kettler Axos Cycle R recumbent bike review

The Kettler Axos Cycle R exercise bike has a really modern design that will look great in your personal gym. If you are looking for a cardio machine that offers both stability and a challenge, this could be one of the best options if you have a lower to medium budget.

The wide majority of users who have got their hands on this bike seem to be very pleased with what they have been able to achieve with it so far. You can read some user feedback on the link below.

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While some bikes tend to have quite a few drawbacks in this price range, the cycle R remains a strong contender for one of the better options currently on the market. A stable and strong design combined with some top class settings mean this could be the best option for working out in the comfort of your own front room.

The home gym cardio exercise experience can only be fully be appreciated if you have been commuting to and from a commercial gym at least three days a week, paying monthly memberships along the way. The convenience this bike offers is fantastic. Users can exercise when and how they choose with no interruptions and no fees other than buying the bike itself. Let’s have a look at what the main highlights and specs are.

  • Runs on variable magnetic style resistance. It offers sixteen different levels of tension and is one of the best types of resistance for users looking for a consistent yet smooth work out. The best thing about larger levels of difficulty is the fact that it caters for a broader spectrum of people ranging from complete beginner to advanced fitness gurus.
  • There is twelve different exercise programs in addition to the resistance that bring new challenges to your training. Not only that but they can serve a motivational purpose in order to push yourself to new, healthier heights. They can keep it fresh, fun and interesting, which is great news if you are one of those users who tends to quit before they achieve their goals.
  • Comes with heart rate control feature which can automatically read your pulse, and adjust your difficulty level to maintain a certain level.
  • Twenty pound flywheel provides a strong, reliable and smooth ride.
  • Large screen on the front of the exercise bike gives key information regarding speed, distance, time and much more. Depending on your goals, users can note down and better understand their own progress by using these records.
  • The seat has definitely been designed for user comfort. It has a thick layer of padding and is ergonomically correct.
  • The dimensions are: 65 inches by 26 inches by 40 inches

Another two models worth checking out before you make a final buying decision is the Giro GT and Giro P. A somewhat related bike but also including some unique properties that may be of interest to consumers before they go out and spend cash on new exercise equipment.

The Kettler Axos Cycle R could be the bike in which you reach your weight and health goals. It certainly has the feature list in order to do so. And at the current price, we feel there is great value for money to be found. Lot’s of variety in difficulty, and plenty of design functions to ensure user comfort could make this the perfect machine for your new gym.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:87%
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