Horizon Fitness RC-30 recumbent bike review

The RC-30 exercise bike is packed to the brim with some great features. For a lower budget option, I was taken aback by how much it has to offer. With some great workout programs and a decent amount of resistance levels, this may be a good match for a beginner to intermediate looking to start or expand upon their existing cardio equipment collection.

After some inspection, we found that it has been well received by the majority of customers who bought it. Users have commented on how well built it is and the overall value for money compared to other models on the market.

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Offering a fantastic design that is both back friendly and easy for older, and injury rehab users to get on and off of, this could be a great home gym bike that provides you with a wealth of settings designed to give you a push in the right direction and burn off excess weight, calories and tone up muscles in the legs.

Features, Specifications and more

Yes, there are certainly more powerful bikes out there, yes there are several out there with more variety in resistance. But not many of them can offer what this bike does for a remarkably low price with a few perhaps being the exceptions. Below I have listed some great features this recumbent style bike offers.

  • Naturally, the recumbent design offers more support to the spine due to it’s chair like seat design. Alongside this it also offers low impact training for important stress bearing joints such as your knees. The seat itself is fully adjustable to meet users comfort requirements.
  • Includes a ten pound flywheel for a solid, reliable and smooth cardio workout.
  • It has eight levels of resistance users can switch between. Now, this may not be great for more advanced cyclists however, for the average beginner and intermediate users it will offer enough of a challenge so that users can gradually work their way through each difficulty level, improving leg strength and of course, stamina along the way.
  • Alongside back and comfort support benefits, recumbent bikes like this also provide greater stability and in some cases durability. If you look at the documented 275 lbs weight limit you will find it is higher than most traditional upright style designs.
  • It’s dimensions are: 66 inches by 52 inches by 26 inches. Not too large and a good size for home gym use.
  • The computer display on the bike allows users to easily switch between resistance levels as well as view handy feedback data from your work out like speed and time spent training.
  • A good amount of workout programs. (8 in total.) Each one presents a new challenge to the user and they are categorized under weight loss, interval training, custom and more.

Probably the biggest point going for it is it’s price. It is not expensive for the amount of included specs. In such a competitive market where there are many different brands competing for sales, it is nice to see Horizon cut the prices while keeping the quality standard up that is often associated with so many of their fitness products.

If you are looking for something for a more upright, natural feel while cycling, why not have a look at the Horizon M4 and the Marcy club revolution, they offer several features that could be well worth checking out before making a final decision on any particular exercise bike.


All in all, the Horizon RC-30 recumbent bike offers a lower impact, convenient way to exercise. If you dislike exercising outside in the colder winter months, or you just want something more convenient than buying a gym membership, then this bike may be a low cost way of getting your exercise regime going. The value for money aspect is certainly there, and while it is not the most high tech bike going, it offers some top class features that even seasoned cyclists will benefit from.

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Our rating:88%
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