Horizon Fitness M4 review

The Horizon Fitness M4 bike has a forty two pound flywheel to give a very smooth and efficient ride. Also a nice selection of adjustable design features will ensure users are very comfortable whilst cycling.

The modern design runs on a chain drive system and will help users tone up their core such as abs plus bum, legs, thighs and several supporting muscles. User feedback so far has been from a majority of happy users that have been very pleased with what the bike offers.

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As with many cardio equipment, the convenience they offer is fantastic. They cut costs in the long run and save lot’s of time each week in commuting. For the busier, working person, exercising when you want, even if it’s at 1 in the morning, is one of the plus points of owning your own equipment. And this bike offers a superb compact solution that will squeeze in most rooms in the house with ease.


A beautiful design, with a stable base and frame, this bike will take your workouts to the next level with several advanced features and settings that are designed to improve your endurance, circulation, breathing and also aid you in the fight against fat. If you are thinking about using this bike for a home gym, you will certainly get your moneys worth with some great technology and comfortable design features all without needing to break the bank. Some of the specs and options included are:

  • Adjustments – It’s always nice to have equipment to adjust around the users positional needs and not the other way round. Luckily this particular model does just that with adjustable handles and seat to ensure users are riding in a position where they are most happy and one which puts their body under the least stress.
  • The upright style design brings a sense of realism to your workout. Have your training feel similar to road cycling but without the need of exposing yourself to the elements. Exercising inside on the cold and wet days are one of the best things about owning your very own home gym.
  • A forty two pound flywheel makes sure your ride goes as smooth and quietly as possible. It brings a nice amount of stability to your exercise.
  • Like many other models on the market, this bike gives users feedback about how they are currently performing on their ride. This ranges from time through to speed and many other options.
  • It has a solid frame that remains stable regardless of how quickly or intensive your training session is.
  • Toe straps on the peddles ensure users feet don’t slip while cycling.

Other options on the market that offer a good amount of functionality but more support on the back region include the comfort r and the RC-30. There are plenty of exercise bikes to choose from that come in a huge variety of styles and sizes. The trick is finding one to fit what you are trying to achieve. To make it a bit easier, have a look through our exercise bike area for information and specification details of various models and brands.


The M4 indoor cycle does exactly what you would expect a bike to do in this lower to medium tier. It offers a strong frame that can withstand heavy use, plus a good amount of adjustable design features that will help users feel as comfortable as possible while cycling. All in all a solid bike that will help you hit your weight loss targets.

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Our rating:85%
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