FitDesk Semi-Recumbent review

Have you found it difficult in the past to fit your training in around work? Well your not alone, so many people struggle with getting their recommended daily exercise in due to the stress and busy family and work schedules.

The FitDesk offers a new, simpler way to exercise with the use of a desk. It provides a low impact multitasking workout solution that can help you stay in shape while you are busy sorting through paperwork, typing or reading.

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It can be quite hard to fit the time in to exercise. I know all about that as I have been there myself. This type of bike, however can really improve time management and allow you to have a lot more control over when you exercise. It offers all the design features required to burn off excess calories, improve fitness and tone up. Let’s have a look at the specifications below.

  • A semi recumbent design improves user comfort and gives a good amount of support and stability while you ride.
  • A space saving design that folds up very easily. Very mobile and if the boss permits it, you could even take it into the office with you.
  • The desk itself will lock in place various electronic devices like iPads, laptops, booms and much more.
  • The fabric on the desk is padded and can be washed in the machine when it gets too much of a dist and dirt build up.
  • Includes transportation wheels that make it highly mobile.
  • Comes equipped with storage pockets down the side of the desk.
  • Once you have built and put together all the parts the dimensions will measure at 27 inches by 16 inches by 45 inches, making it ideal for both office and home settings and it’s very lightweight design will only make it easier to carry from place to place.

If you are looking to lose weight, regular exercise on this bike will carry you most of the way in meeting your targets. If you have a plan perhaps designed by a personal trainer you can achieve all you wanted and more. Other benefits include endurance building, and muscle toning, especially in the lower body and core region.

If you like the look of this model, you may also be interested in reading about the features of the FitDesk x 2.0. It has similar properties and will help you fit your workout in with very limited time available to you.


FitDesk Semi-Recumbent bike is certainly a much more convenient way to fit in your workout on a busy schedule. It’s time saving properties, easy to assemble design make it ideal to use on the go and it will be extremely effective when used alongside a solid diet plan. It is not the most technologically advanced bike on the market, but it does get the job done for a very reasonable price.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:86%
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