Exerpeutic LX9 upright bike review

The Exerpeutic LX9 is an upright exercise bike designed to give users a comfortable, but effective solution to all their cardiovascular training needs. It certainly offers a great set of specifications that enable it to hold it’s own against plenty of the biggest brands in the fitness industry.  And for the current low price, this could be a steal depending on your budget and overall requirements.

It will fit in nicely in most homes due to the nature of the design and space it takes up plus, consumer reports give it a solid rating for a lower tier bike, indicating a decent amount of quality and effectiveness.

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Features and specification list

With an upright style, it can provide a sense of realism to your ride. This will be a plus point for those of you who are used to road cycling and want something for the winter months, or just for the days you don’t feel like the hassle dodging cars out and about.

With Exerpeutic’s reputation for comfort and rehabilitation, these specialized designs often provide unique positional features and lot’s of variety to meet multiple user preferences while cycling. Let’s check out what exactly is being offered by the LX9.

  • Runs on a direct drive system which gives users a lot more riding options. For example, if you want to stand while peddling away, to mimic hill riding, this is possible. Other good options it provides is the ability to peddle backwards, which will work the leg muscles too, but in a different way, which can help prevent muscle imbalances.
  • The peddles come equipped with toe cages to prevent slipping while cycling at full speed. I have heard horror stories of people slipping off and cutting/bruising their shins in doing so, so safety measures put in place to prevent this are always welcome.
  • Another perhaps unique option is the ability to re-position the handlebars into not one, not two, but six different positions. This is a fantastic addition that takes into account users comfort requirements. Whats more, they are padded to relieve some stress on your arms and hands.
  • Can handle a user weight limit of 350 pounds. It does this with a solid and durable frame that is built to last. No one wants a bike that breaks shortly after purchasing it, so you always want to look for quality as a matter of priority, regardless of budget. And this model has it.
  • The saddle is padded and ergonomically designed for extra comfort.
  • Fully set up and assembled, it will measure at 31 inches long by 20 inches wide by 47 inches height. This will give you an idea of how easily it will fit into even some of the more smaller rooms in the house.
  • Pulse data can be read on the lx9’s computer monitor along with other performance indicators like speed, distance, time and more.

There are plenty of examples of quality bikes from Exerpeutic, some more appreciated then others. But the bottom line is that there seems to be specific focus on user comfort and support which is fantastic. Not just limited to the upright style, you will also find a selection of different types such as the 900xl recumbent exercise bike or perhaps the more traditional 3000 upright stationary bike.

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All things considered, for the current price tag, there is a great deal of value to be found within the Exerpeutic LX9 upright bike. As a lower tier model, the price tag is certainly one of it’s stand out selling points, but it is not limited to that. It provides a stable platform for cardio, factoring into the design what a user needs when he/she works out. Definitely worth considering if you don’t have a particularly large budget.

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Our rating:82%
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