Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike review

The Exerpeutic 250xl separates itself from it’s competition through providing first class value with a tremendous amount of exercise features. Some of these folding cardio bikes are often let down by be to simple, of having a lack of challenge. There is no such problem here with a wealth of great options that can be used to get the fitness results you need.

Consumers have taken to online stores all around the web to purchase it and have had plenty of positive feedback to provide anyone with detailed information about it’s qualities.

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Features and specifications

Anyone who has ever shopped for new cardio equipment, especially those who tend to live in quite an enclosed environment where saving space is extremely important will really appreciate the fact that the 250xl folds up like the Marcy foldable. It’s such a simple design feature that will appeal to the masses simply because not everyone has a larger sized room to fit every bulky piece of gym equipment in. Once folded it can be moved very easily just by using the attached transport wheels.

Despite the fact it is a low budget upright bike, it holds an impressive amount of weight, with a capacity allowed up to 300 pounds. We believe it’s nice and long stabilizers and sturdy frame and foundations are the main reason for this. Strength is not always a quality in a product at the lower end of the spectrum, but it appears this one shines through and exceeds consumer expectations in more ways than one.

A specially designed saddle is deliberately made to be oversized which will allow it to cater to the overall majority of users, both in terms of size and comfort. What’s more, Exerpeutic have clearly taken into account the many different rider attributes when piecing together the design as it has a easily adjustable to meet both taller and shorter cyclists. The official range suggested is 5 foot 3 through to 6 foot 3. Any more or less than that and things may begin to get uncomfortable.

In terms of exercising, this bike has a total of eight levels of magnetic style resistance to work with. Nothing extraordinary, but for a lower cost machine it will be enough to form the base of any cardio training regime. It could be said that it will not be challenging enough for the more advanced riders, but for those of you just starting out or at an intermediate level, there is still plenty of barriers and challenges to overcome.

Also included is heart grips which will read your pulse rate and send it to the computer console on the front. Within this console, users get easily readable feedback of important workout stats such as time, calories, distance, and pace. Again, nothing exceptional, but it is always nice to know there is technology available to match many mid tier options.

The peddles are larger than average for both safety and comfort reasons which can go a long way in stopping injuries from occurring. The added straps will further help with this by preventing riders from slipping whilst peddling hard.

Dimensions are: 31 inches in length by 19 inches in width by 46 inches in height.


It’s easily understandable why so many people have chosen the Exerpeutic 250xl exercise bike over others in the market. A stand out selling point for us is both the value for the amount of things on offer in the specification list and the amount of space it will help you save. Both of these things are not always common in low budget models, which is arguably what makes this particular machine special.

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Our rating:77%
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