Exerpeutic 2000 recumbent bike review

The Exerpeutic 2000 exercise bike is ideal for consumers looking for a lower impact training solution that goes easy on the joints and allows riders to experience comfort from the ground up. It is built with shock absorbing technology and comes with plenty of adjustable features.

Very respectively priced in the lower budget tier, it is clear there is plenty of effective training qualities and standout design features through our research into consumer feedback and expert opinion sources.

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Features and specifications included

As is the case with many of their cardio equipment, there is plenty of thought spared for comfort with a  heavily padded seat that makes it a great option to exercise with if users have joint/mobility issues, or simply  looking for a comfortable way to squeeze your cardio in after a long days work. Whats more, the seat design comes with shock absorbing properties that do a great job of spreading weight and limiting the amount of impact your body takes on board.

Rolling wheels attached to one end make it an awful lot easier to move it in and out of your various training rooms. By removing the majority of lifting work and combining it with the comfort features above, you get the recipe for a injury free workout that goes easy on your joints, bones, and muscle.

When we look at the resistance options included, we feel that it is a little on the low side in the grand scheme of things with eight differing levels of difficulty to work with. However, for beginner and intermediate cyclists, this could be more than enough. Also, we have to remember that this is a low cost option, so there will naturally be some drawbacks in the spec when compared to the higher priced, heavy hitters.

It will also go a long way in helping maintain user focus and motivation using the six workout applications it comes with. Additionally, key information regarding the effectiveness, speed, distance among other stats can be read on a neat little monitor at the front of the bike. Convenient and an excellent measurement tool to gauge overall progress in working towards reaching fitness targets.

What’s more, users will be pleased to know that it comes equipped with built in hand sensors that will allow you to measure heart rate. The 2000 will use this data to ensure you are staying well within your goal pulse zone.

What can often be a problem among lower budget models, is the fact that many struggle to maintain the durability aspect. This is not usually a problem with Exerpeutic however, and a tell tale sign of this can be found in the manufacturer weight capacity of up to three hundred pounds. That’s a pretty hefty amount of weight and is a sign of quality in the frame and strength of the product.

Fully put together it will measure 54 inches in length by 22 inches in width by 34 inches in height.

There are plenty of bikes to rival it including various traditional bikes, such as the Exerpeutic 3000, what you need in style usually comes down to user preference. Recumbent style’s usually provide a bit more support and upright style normally come with a bit more of a realistic feel.


We believe it is safe to say that the Exerpeutic 2000 is equipped with the necessary tools and specs that will allow consumers to achieve their fitness potential. It has the capability to help beginners work towards their goals through careful planning in resistance, design and workout applications. All of these things will really help users burn off excess weight, tone up their legs and core as well as improve stamina. All this before we even factor into account the low price tag.  There is certainly plenty of value to be found, and it would make a great cardio trainer for your home gym.

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Our rating:89%
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