Diamondback Fitness 510UB review

The 510UB is an upright bike equipped with plenty of programs to make your workout regime both effective and and convenient. To lose weight and get in shape, consumers will need to make sure they are doing plenty of cardio regularly. This is where this bike comes in. The functions and settings of this model make it a good choice for people who are looking to improve their home gym. That and the fact that you will not need to break the bank to get hold of it.

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For a medium tier bike, Diamondback have certainly done well to put together a solid piece of cardio equipment, with several built in functions that will really enhance the overall riding experience and comfort. We take a look at the specs, benefits and settings I have highlighted in the list below.

  • Great for those of you looking to lose weight. Cycling works your body hard and does a great job in burning off calories.
  • It is an effective way of toning up muscles, especially your legs, and core.
  • Great for increasing endurance. Used regularly in differing intensity levels will improve your breathing, circulation and general well being. Another benefit provided is that it relieves stress to some extent.
  • The 510ub has plenty of comfortable design features with a padded and contoured seat. The handle bars are fully adjustable as well as the seat itself so people can sit where they feel most comfortable peddling.
  • Up to sixteen levels of resistance can be used. 1 being the easiest, 16 being the hardest. The variety in difficulty provides new barriers to overcome. Both beginners and veterans will get some great workout and fitness benefits from cycling on the 510UB.
  • It comes equipped with twenty workout programs. The idea of training programs or apps is to allow the user to tailor and mold their exercise regime to meet their needs. Different apps will target different problems or barriers that will help you push themselves further than they believed possible.
  • You can note down their pulse rate thanks to built in grip sensors.
  • A fourteen pound flywheel allows this machine to run reasonably smoothly and quietly so that users can maintain concentration while riding and make progress without distractions.
  • The computer console attached to the front of the machine provides real time user feedback relating to your workout settings and performance. Key stats give users an indication as to weather to speed up, slow down or remain at a consistent pace. The feedback stats typically include speed, distance, time and much more.
  • Comes with a cooling fan, mp3/ipod and audio connectivity as well as a magazine rack to make your rides a more pleasant experience.
  • A stable design built for durability and reliability. It can handle user weights of up to 300 pounds.
  • Measures 41 inches x 23 inches x 58 inches when fully installed and assembled.

What have consumers been saying?

Those who have provided feedback for this model have been fairly impressed with the settings and workout functions. While it may not be the highest tech piece of cardio out there it is also worth noting that it is reasonably inexpensive. However, I always suggest you do research on several workout bikes before you make a decision. There is also a recumbent style that may interest you which can be found here on our 510sr review. Or, alternatively there is the 910ub upright bike.

There are both positive and negative ratings from users noting the faults and benefits. For the most part, customers seem to appreciate the design of the bike along with it’s many features, but there was a complaint about the standard of packaging and console not functioning the way it’s supposed to.


Looking at the picture we have painted here as a whole, the Diamondback Fitness 510UB provides a reasonably inexpensive option to tone up, get in shape and improve your general well being. A great option for home gyms users, with tons of top quality programs and difficulty levels that will keep users busy for hours on end. With a good plan and a sensible diet packed with lot’s of healthy options this bike may get you the results you desire.

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Our rating:94%
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