Diamondback Fitness 510Sr recumbent bike review

The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr is a recumbent exercise bike which does a great job in helping burn off calories and keep in shape. Not only does it come with a huge variety of functions to keep your workout fresh and exciting but it is also reasonably priced for a recumbent bike of this quality.

It comes with twenty different exercise programs which make the 510Sr suited for users of all health and fitness levels. You get up to sixteen different levels of resistance, giving you a goal to work towards gradually, improving your fitness as you push towards reaching the most difficult resistance levels.

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Much like the 910SR from Diamondback and the Schwinn 270, Recumbent bikes will primarily help tone your bum, and legs. However, your calves and core muscles will also get a great workout. Not only that but the fat burning advantages of recumbent exercise bikes, and cardio in general are fantastic.

One would also argue that they are more comfortable than the traditional upright exercise bikes, and what you often find is when you are comfortable, you tend to be able to exercise for a little bit longer. The 510Sr bike comes with a fully adjustable seat with a sculpted/contoured back and base. The handlebars can also be adjusted to fit your needs. Once more showing why this is a great example of a bike that strives to maximize comfort while you are exercising.

It comes with a LCD electronic display which provides live feedback on your workout program including distance, speed, time and calories. Nothing unusual here as a lot of the recumbent bikes on the market have this feature.

You can monitor your heart rate with grip sensors. The Diamondback 510Sr also comes with built in heart rate programs to further compliment this, a nice addition to this is the built in mp3 features which allow you to plug in your device to the console so you can play your favorite tunes to pump you up and give you that little bit more motivation to go for longer.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds which is a fair amount bigger than what your traditional upright exercise bikes offer.

Dimensions: 64 inches by  23 inches by 50 inches (L by W by H).

Customer reviews from sources around the web

Like many of there products, there is a positive reaction from consumers who have purchased this bike. We take a look at the various sources to paint a much clearer picture of how effectively it will meet your training needs.

Amazon – Fairly popular in the bike market, there is plenty of user feedback coming in describing the good and the bad. One comment talked about how good the warranty is. Another goes on to talk about how smooth the ride is.  Negative feedback includes it being poorly packaged,  and one that says the seat makes a clicking sound when cycling.

abt.com – Not a lot of reviews to go on, but it is generally positive comments including sturdiness, user comfort and the amount of exercise programs included. One negative point talks about the heaviness and bulkiness of the product. There is two ways you can see that, one is to view it as something that will be difficult to move around your home gym, and two a sign of a heavy duty model that is built to last. Judging by the majority of feedback around the web, we believe it’s safe to assume it’s the latter.


The bottom line is that the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr ticks all the boxes. It may not be the cheapest, but you generally encounter problems earlier with cheaper models. What it does offer is a good value for money bike designed for comfort, toning, and burning fat with a ton of features and programs that enable you to maximize your progress.

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Our rating:94%
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