Body Champ BRU108 upright bike review

The traditional style upright bike are fantastic for fat burning and getting in shape. A good example of one of these bikes is the Body Champ BRU108 magnetic upright bike. This particular model has a unique black and yellow design that would look great in any modern home, plus a range of exercise features that will only help increase your endurance, power and leg muscle strength.

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If you have been looking out for a cheaper piece of cardiovascular equipment or are quite limited budget wise, this bike will provide a solid workout and when combined with a good diet plan you will really understand that the results you are after really are achievable. Lets have a look at the specs below.

  • It runs on adjustable, magnetic resistance. It won’t make a difference if you are a seasoned cyclist not far off entering a tour, or a complete beginner with no form of exercise experience under your belt, this bike will allow users to go as fast as they are comfortable with.
  • If required, users can take note of their heart rate using the grips on the bike. They have built in sensors which will display the pulse reading on the computer display. Other things the computer will be able to record for you include the speed at which you are cycling, the distance you have travelled and other key performance facts such as the time you have been exercising. The display itself is very easy to read and navigate.
  • A simple yet very effective and comfortable design. It will look great in any users home gym thanks modern design features and style.
  • User comfort has been prioritized by Body Champ with special attention being paid to the seat design and how much you can adjust it to meet your comfort needs. For me, comfort is one of the main things I look for when buying a new bike and I believe you should not overlook it either. On an uncomfortable seat users tend to think about the pain rather than their goals and it can effect performance levels. So in this models case a comfortable and adjustable seat is a welcome addition.
  • A well known, reliable brand with a solid reputation only backs up the bikes credentials.

As you are already aware, this bike has a more traditional upright design. Perhaps not as supportive on users backs as what it could be. So, if you are the type of person who picks up back injuries rather easily, why not consider a recumbent style option such as the brb5890. The main reasoning behind the added lumber support is purely in the seat and difference in position users ride at. Again, this comes down to consumer preference.


The Body Champ BRU108 exercise bike is clearly a lower budget bike, that can’t be denied. However, this does not mean that it lacks the features needed to get a great workout from it. On the contrary, it packs a surprising amount of exercise features and settings that can really boost your cardio training to the next level. So, if you have a tighter budget and are looking to buy a reliable upright bike, this is definitely one you should look into. Alternatively you can also view our exercise bike section for similar models.

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Our rating:81%
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