Body Champ BRB678 review

The Body Champ BRB678 recumbent bike possesses some top class specifications for a low budget cardio machine. This in itself is quite unusual, and certainly a key buying point for those looking to make a informed decision. The step through design make getting onto it so much easier for users who have joint troubles.

Due to it’s low budget price point, there are naturally some limitations, but as consumer feedback will tell you, there is many positives to be found within.

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Features and specifications

If this bike was in a higher price category, then it would not be worth the money. However, because of similarities with the brb5890, and because it is so affordable this brings a great deal of value that you don’t always find in cardio trainers. But does the low price say anything about the quality of the structure, build and workout settings? Let’s take a look below.

Resistance settings

It runs on the smoother style magnetic resistance that is both variable and stable. It can be adjusted manually to a level that suits your needs. Users will find enough challenge to push themselves reasonably hard. Results will depend on consistency and intensity of your training, but those that take it seriously should see some major improvements in losing weight, improving stamina, and the toning of your leg, bum, and core muscles.

Comfortable design

One thing to keep an eye on when making a big buying decision is the overall comfort of a model. This applies to everything from seating through to how much you can re-position the seat. In this products case, it can be easily adjusted horizontally to cater for users with longer than average legs.

It offers a very basic, but easy to use and user friendly design. It will also be compact enough for the majority of home gyms.

Console options

Nothing exceptional on the console/monitor area. A bacis LCD monitor will give all the important statistics however, these are quite basic compared to some high tech models on the fitness market. Having said that, for beginner and intermediate users, there is enough there to work with as it will show heart rate, time, distance travelled and several other pieces of data such as speed.

Heart rate tracking

Useful additions include pulse sensors that send heart rate info to the monitor mentioned above. Great for noting what your resting and active rates are and making amendments to your training using that data.


The BRB678, exercise bike certainly has some drawbacks. However, for the price there is plenty of great settings that will make it a perfect fit for the complete beginner and intermediate users. While there is a lack of depth in functionality and technology, there is also several built in training options that can really help you lose weight and tone up for the long term. A great option for those of you with limited space in your household.

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Our rating:85%
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