Body Champ BRB5890 review

The Body Champ BRB5890 runs on magnetic style resistance that is adjustable to fit the users training program. It has a really cool step through design that provides plenty of support while exercising.

With some great settings and options this will be a excellent addition to your home gym. The added convenience and workout functions it provides offer tremendous value and will get you the results you want to achieve. Plenty of positive feedback for users of this bike can be found on the link below.

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The great thing about this particular model is that it has a certain degree of quality surrounding it for a very reasonable price. If users have a lower to medium budget this is definitely something worth considering if you are looking to make additions to your home gym equipment. The cardio workout it gives is fantastic and it will also help you tone up and lose weight all at the same time. Check out just a few of the specs and settings below.

  • Recumbent style bike with a step through design that makes it much simpler getting on and off the bike. People with mobility issues will find this type of equipment much easier to use. The added support it provides for your back is rarely found in other types of exercise products, so if you are one of those cyclists who tend to run into back problems you should definitely be considering this type of design to prevent potential injuries. The seat is fully adjustable too to cater for the various positions and leg lengths that will be using this machine. Getting into a position which you feel most comfortable is extremely important in my view so this feature, although common, will be very welcome.
  • Runs on magnetic style resistance that helps users workout at their own pace and how they feel most comfortable. You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to get benefits from this machine.
  • Over Seventeen workout programs that have various purposes and targets. Each one will gradually put users on the road to better health.
  • Equipped with a hand grip heart rate monitor. Quite a common occurrence in recumbent styles these days, but needless to say it is effective for tracking your progress.
  • From the LCD computer display screen users will be able to see all the information related to the workout and be able to navigate through the various workout programs with ease.
  • Comes with a water bottle holder so users can drink on the bike without interrupting their workouts. Even though this is nothing special, I would rather have it there than not. Especially on those warmer days in summer where you will be gasping for a drink.
  • The product design isn’t too big and isn’t too small measuring at 59 inches L by 24 inches W by 43 inches H. A nice size for a living room or home gym room, without taking up or cramping the space available.

For a more upright style exercise bike to compare this model with, why not check out the bru108 or our selection or reviews on recumbent style bikes which can be found on our bike information page. There is plenty of models out there, each one has it’s own unique settings compared to another so be sure to look around before you settle on a machine. By doing this you can save lot’s of cash and headaches later on.


The BRB5890 exercise bike is a terrific platform. While their are bigger brands out there on the market, if it’s value for money you are looking for, you will certainly find a certain degree within this model. It comes down to users budget at the end of the day. If you are not looking to spend an arm and a leg on a new bike this may be a great option for you with plenty of programs and a strong design that will help you meet your exercise targets.

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Our rating:80%
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