The different types of exercise bikes

We realize choosing your first exercise bike can be difficult. Even if you are a veteran cyclist, the market changes so frequently with new high tech bikes that it can sometimes be helpful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. So what are some of the different types of exercise bikes available?


Think road bike but stationary. These look and perform very similar to your average road bike and yet, you can get just as good a workout from them. They cater for users looking for a realistic exercise experience, much like interactive style bikes. One example of a indoor bike can be found here: ProForm 300 SPX


Alongside indoor exercise bikes and interactive types, upright bikes arguably give the most realistic feel to being on the road cycling. Generally speaking these are bikes that sit in the upright position offering the traditional padded seats that you often find in road bikes.


Similar to upright and indoor in design, the interactive exercise bikes bring realism to the next level by combining technology, and a screen giving you a computer generated road or trail. Cycling stationary at home or in the gym is a lot more fun.

There is one downside that comes with the added tech and that is these are often more expensive than your average exercise bike. But if that is not a issue give it a try, it’s great fun.


Recumbent exercise bikes offer a lot more space and support for your back will riding. The seats are normally a bit further back when compared to your average upright bike. Although not recommended, If you enjoy multitasking while exercising like reading or watching TV, the recumbent style bike may offer you a casual exercise solution.

A good example of a recumbent bike is the Schwinn 270.

Dual Action

The great thing about dual action exercise bikes is that they bring more muscles into play. While your average exercise bike on the market will work your leg muscles and to some extent your core, dual action bikes bring into play arm and upper body, giving a full body cardio workout that will really help users tone up muscles.

I have used every single one of these types of exercise bikes and I can only say it comes down to personal preference and to a certain extent, budget. Each bike has it’s pro’s and con’s. Only one thing is certain cycling is a fantastic way to burn fat, stay in shape and increase your stamina.



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