Best Fitness BFSB5 review

The BFSB5 indoor cycling bike comes with some superb training specs. Equipped with a 40 pound flywheel and chain drive system, this model is designed to run smoothly and consistently regardless of intensity of the ride, or the amount of people using it.

Great from a personal home gym, this upright bike can be the one piece of training equipment you need to achieve the stamina, weight loss, and muscle toning results you have been looking for. With glowing reviews, it seems as though most consumers who have purchased it agree with these thoughts.

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Features and specifications

Ultimately, a good workout should be one that yields results, leaves the cyclist satisfied, and does a good job at supporting the user in all stages of the ride. The BFSB5, has all the makings of being a spin bike model that you use for years to come. A tell tale sign of this is found in it’s design, framework, materials and previous models.

With a user weight capacity of 275 pounds the strength and stability is clearly highlighted, and with durable materials, there is an increased likelihood that it will stand the test of time which is something a lot of machines fail to do.

It has a well padded seat that is designed to ensure riders are as comfortable as they can be. It’s bad enough to put your body through the pain of an intensive ride without adding to it with an uncomfortable saddle. So this will be a very welcome feature for most riders. WHat’s more users can easily readjust the seatings height and position to match their leg length and arm reach needs. Being comfortable ranks among some of the highest importance specs when we research, and it would seem as though Best Fitness has you covered here.

It runs on a chain drive system with a forty pound flywheel for a smooth and consistent peddling. This is a similar weight to the Stamina CPS 3000 which is also a solid bike known for it’s stability.

It has a fantastic breaking system in place which really helps it become even more durable alongside the solid framework. On top of this, it’s chain drive system will help it perform very quietly indeed. This is perfect for your average family home where increased noise levels may become a bit of a nuisance.

Even with some of these great features in place, the area it covers is not going to take up a whole lot of room in your gym. It is reasonably compact, measuring at 44 inches x 20 inches x 44 inches. This is fantastic for smaller room sizes and great for those of you looking to squeeze in multiple cardio machines into the gym.

In terms of putting the bike together, there have been reports of people doing it reasonably quickly and several others saying it took them over an hour to complete. I think a lot of it comes down to how handy you are with DIY and tools, but even if it’s time consuming, you shouldnt have too much difficulty getting it fully installed and running.

Attached to the bike are transportation wheels should you need to move it in and out of storage or even if you are planning to change training rooms. Removing heavy lifting from the equation is always helpful and can prevent injuries.

Users will be covered by five years warranty on the framework, ninety days on labor, one year on parts, and three months on wear and tear. This is pretty good and inline with  a lot of exercise bikes on the fitness market.

Similar bikes on the market include the Exerpeutic lx905 and the Kettler Giro GT. Both of these are worth keeping an eye on for comparison purposes.

What are consumers saying about it?

Although opinions tend to vary a lot in the exercise industry, this bike has plenty of reviews that are very positive. There is lots of praise to be found in regards to it’s solid build and design as well as the overall value for money.


In closing, we feel the Best Fitness BFSB5 has a lot to offer both newcomers and seasoned cyclists. It is an excellent spin bike with lot’s of durable features and top notch training settings to help you bring out the best in yourself. On top of this, it is not overly expensive. It is definitely worth taking into consideration as there are m any points of value to be found and people who have bought it tend to agree for the most part.

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