AFG 4.0AR review

The AFG 4.0AR recumbent bike presents it’s users with a fully functional, easy to operate platform fro m which to get a smooth and comfortable workout. Highly beneficial in more ways then one, with technology and features that target weight loss, toning and endurance. It offers a recumbent, step through design that offers way more support than your average cardio machines, and provides consumers with ways to get detailed feedback about their current workout.

People who have gone out and bought this machine have been very pleased with the effectiveness and design for the most part.

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Specifications and Features

As a higher tier cardio trainer, the AFG 4.0AR from should make consumers believe that it offers plenty of unique features built specifically to bring users a fantastic workout that will ward off fat and build stamina. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways it does this below.

  • Like the 2.0AR, this is a recumbent style exercise bike, it naturally offers a step through design built with maximum support and comfort for the user in mind. It is a highly effective design that does a great job in making sure you get superb support, especially in the lower back region. The chair like seating in some ways offers a more natural position to ride.
  • If you feel the need to rest after a hitting it hard for a few minutes why not use the built in coasting feature to your advantage and regain your energy until you are ready to go full out again. This is a great design feature that makes high intensity interval training on this machine very possible.
  • The 4.0AR recumbent bike has ten different training apps and includes twenty different resistance levels. Some will present a challenge to beginners while others may be too easy. The great thing about having plenty of choice in difficulty is that you can go at the pace or intensity at which they feel most comfortable with. Included within the list of programs are weight loss, interval, hills manual and many more.
  • It can hold users of up to 325 pounds in weight.
  • It includes a very easy to use and program console from which users will be able to see everything there is worth knowing about their ride. Speed, distance, calories, and time are all covered and visible on the display for easy tracking and a better understanding of performance.

While it is reasonably priced for the amount of settings on offer, we understand that there may be some of you looking for something on a tighter budget. If that’s the case, why not have a look at our exercise bike reviews section to browse through several pages of bikes that may be better suited to your needs. There are certainly plenty of options out there.

What consumers are saying around the web

The general consensus is that this is a solid machine with plenty of defining qualities that allow it to go toe to toe with the majority of it’s competition.  We have had a look at various sources around the net to see what others have been saying in both feedback and reviews. Below is a summary of the data collected.

Amazon – Reasonable assembly time, Operates smoothly and quietly and the solid design in terms of construction quality. So, thats just a few of the positives summed up. But what about the negatives? One user reports that a part of the seat was loose.

Whatever you decide, in the end it is important you take the time to get a better understanding of the product you are buying. You can do this by looking at customer reviews at various places around the web, not just limited to Amazon but Walmart, Fitness retailers and much more. The more you know, the better protected you are.


With the depth of competition from various manufacturers in this market, it is hard for anyone to stand out as a clear favorite for consumers. What users can do is settle on whether or not it meet their basic requirements and cancel out other models as you work your way the research process. Along the way you will certainly see machines capable of challenging this one in particular in terms of technology used and structure, but it is important to take into account the different price points.

Overall, the AFG 4.0AR will do a great job in burning off calories and toning up for the summer. The technology included is great and it offers several functions and programs that will make your training much more efficient and effective. If you have a medium to larger budget, this model could be well worth considering.

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Our rating:92%
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