Exercise Bike Reviews

Those of you looking to build on your endurance, and work out from home using various cardio equipment will appreciate what the many different types of exercise bikes can do for you. We take an in depth look at popular and lesser known models to determine overall value so you don’t have to settle for less.

The top rated exercise bikes sorted by brand

AFG are part of a much bigger brand called the Johnson Health Tech or JHT for short. They are known for owning or partnering with some of the industries leading and recognizable brand names. Just a few of these include Livestrong, Horizon and Vision. All of these have a massive foothold in all areas of exercise equipment. Based in Taiwan, they are currently the third biggest producers of exercise equipment worldwide.

With this fact in mind, one can begin to imagine the resources they have behind them to create top quality exercise bikes while keeping the prices affordable. It is a growing brand that is gaining popularity among gym goers, especially home users.


Best Fitness
Best Fitness BFSB5

Bladez Fitness
Bladez are part of the BH Fitness Group, who are a huge company with plenty of experience and resources to produce some fantastic quality exercise bikes that are specifically designed to provide users with a realistic workout. In other words, a lot of them are designed to feel like real road bikes.

There are lot’s of positives to be found in individual models including the ability to adjust several parts of the bikes to ensure users are in as comfortable a position as possible. Known for strong and sturdy machines, many consumer reports we have found around the web as well as some of our personal experiences all suggest that they are a reliable brand with some top class features built in many of their products.

Bladez Fitness PTS68
Bladez Fitness Aero Pro

Body Champ

BodyChamp bru108
Body Champ BRB5890
Body Champ BRB678
Body Champ BF700
Body Champ bf620

Bodycraft R25
BodyCraft SPX

Diamondback Fitness
Diamondback are a well known brand in the cardio training industry, perhaps more notably for there exercise bikes. They manufacture and produce high quality machines for home and commercial exercise enthusiasts. The majority of their business comes through USA and Canada.

Overall, they are a well established brand in the cardio training sector, and produce high quality, durable products to conduct your weight loss regime from.

Diamondback Fitness 510ub
Diamondback Fitness 910ub
Diamondback Fitness 510sr
Diamondback Fitness 910SR
Diamondback Fitness 510ic

Exerpeutic’s products are produced and designed by Paradigm Health and Wellness, Inc. Their exercise bike models are designed with therapy and rehabilitation in mind. Those of you who seem to be injury prone on several different types of bike may find the cardio machine that performs just the way they need it to here.

We have listed specific models from this brand below for you to look at and find out more about their capabilities, functionality, and how it can help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Exerpeutic 3000
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic
Exerpeutic 900xl
Exerpeutic 2000
Exerpeutic 4000
Exerpeutic LX7
Exerpeutic LX9
Exerpeutic LX905


Fitdesk X 2.0
Fitdesk Semi-recumbent

Gold’s Gym
Part of the Johnson Health Tech company, Gold’s Gym exercise bike offer effective solutions for home training. They produce a wide range of workout equipment with some top of the range technologies.

With plenty of experience under their belts, their products offer great value to consumers, with plenty of customer feedback to highlight this point. Browse through the product list below to discover more about particular specifications and design features.

Gold’s Gym Trainer 110

Horizon Fitness
Horizon produce some of the best exercise bikes in the industry in terms of value and overall quality. Naturally, a large brand that is part of the Johnson Health Tech company is going to have plenty of resources and patents at it’s disposal that will help give their bikes an edge over the competition. With over thirty years experience, and several other well known brands under their control such as Vision and AFG, this is hardly surprising

For the most part their products have plenty of positive feedback from consumers regardless of whether or not it is a recumbent, or stationary bike. However, for comparison purposes we have compiled a list of exercise bikes which you can navigate through yourself below. Each offer an in depth information and reviews on the positives and negatives of each individual model. We aim to make decision quite a bit easier for consumers.

Horizon Fitness Comfort R
Horizon Fitness RC-30
Horizon Fitness M4

Kettler are probably well known to those of you are familiar with the home gym industry. If you have ever considered putting together your own selection of fitness equipment, they have most likely been on your list of considerations.

Their exercise bikes offer great functions and training features that can really help users get the most out of their ride. They offer various designs including recumbent, upright, and stationary and are built for both endurance and intensity. Meaning the majority of consumers, regardless of their fitness background will find something that will benefit their workouts.

We have put together a list of reviews for you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each machine. We feel that in order to gauge overall value, consumers need to understand it’s limitations and stand out specifications. Simply click on the model you would like to view from the links below and get a broader understanding.

Kettler Giro P
Kettler Axos Cycle R
Kettler Giro R
Kettler Golf R
Kettler Giro GT

Lifecore Fitness
Lifecore exercise bikes come in many forms ranging from movable arm types through to your more traditional recumbent and upright bikes. Each come with their own set of unique benefits that can improve users health and endurance in the long run.

Known for there reliable designs and effective training features, these bikes are growing in popularity among consumers looking to build a private home gym. Reviews and ratings around the web tend to offer positive thoughts and feedback, further indicating the quality of build and functionality.

Our list below give you, the user, a insight into whether or not a particular model fits your needs through in depth research of the specifications as well as scouring the net to find out what customers are saying about them.

Lifecore 1050RBS

Life Fitness
Life Fitness C3
Life Fitness R1
Life Fitness Lifecycle GX

Lifespan Fitness
LifeSpan have several fitness equipment ranges that were originally designed for users over fifty five. Naturally, there products have been improved and expanded over time to being a well known international brand for home gym use, users in rehabilitation from injuries and commercial fitness gyms.

There range of exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes including upright, stationary, recumbent and even more specialized design such as desk cycles to exercise while working. They are generally well build and often have plenty of positive customer feedback from users who have purchased their bikes around the web.

Lifespan Fitness R3I

Partnered with Johnson Health tech, Livestrong Fitness have produced some top class exercise bikes that really enhance user experience. Depending on consumer requirements, they are known to produce many different types of fitness equipment ranges that allow users to conduct and effective workout from the comfort of their own home.

Because they are reasonably well priced for the amount of features most models offer, consumers have plenty of positive thoughts to share on many of them.

Livestrong ls6.0r
Livestrong ls9.9IC-2

MagneTrainer ER

Marcy exercise bikes are usually inexpensive, well put together machines that offer no hassle maintenance and easy installation. The benefits are well documented and external sources tell us that they also bring a reliable structure with quality framework for the price.

However, don’t expect too much, as these are still low budget models for the most part and will almost certainly have limitations in what you want to achieve. For the small gym environment, and beginner and intermediate riders, both there stationary upright models and recumbent styles will help improve stamina by quite a bit.

Marcy ME 708
Marcy NS908U
Marcy Foldable
Marcy ME-709
Marcy NS-716r
Marcy Club Revolution

As an extension of the Schwinn Fitness, Nautilus has the manpower, technology and structural quality needed to offer some of the highest quality home gym equipment on the market.

We look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of their bikes to help consumers understand if it is a match or not before they purchase.
Nautilus R514C

Phoenix stationary and upright bikes offer structurally sound designs that tend to have lot’s of positive comments from the average consumer. We aim to summarize their thoughts along with out expert overview to give you a resource that will help you make an informed decision.

Phoenix 99605
Phoenix 99608
Phoenix Revolution Cycle Pro II

Precor are no stranger to quality. Their bikes consistently rank among the best in the industry in terms of user feedback and happiness. We feel this is because a lot of though goes into building a well structured machine that provides a high level of comfort.

Precor UBK 615
Precor UBK 835
Precor RBK 615
Precor RBK 815

ProForm are a part of ICON health & Fitness, who are widely known as heavyweights in the exercise bike market. This is down to having over thirty years of experience and constantly striving to improve the technology and design of their products. They are arguably the most recognized brand in the home fitness market.

Typical characteristics of their bikes includes durability, comfort, convenience and perhaps the most important of all; several challenging workout functions that will burn away fat and tone muscles.

ProForm 115 CSX
ProForm 280 CSX
ProForm 2.0 ES
ProForm 6.0 ES
ProForm 210 CSX
ProForm 300 SPX
ProForm 320 SPX
ProForm 490 SPX

Reebok Fitness is certainly a recognizable brand in the cardio exercise industry. They are a branch of Icon Health & Fitness who are a market leader, specializing in manufacturing high quality products across a wide range of fitness sectors. Icon are also the name behind several other well known brands such as ProForm, Weslo and Healthrider.

Reebok 410
Reebok trainer RX 4.0
Reebok 610
Reebok 510

Offering a wide selection of exercise bikes ranging from upright traditional bikes, to recumbent and airdyne styles, Schwinn have become known for there reliable, high quality designs which offer top class specs that are all focused on getting the user results and comfort. And with a launch date going back to 1895, they have over 100 years experience in the business.

Because of the amount of choice they offer to consumers in terms of riding types, technology, and design, it can often be confusing when researching a specific model to suit your needs. We want to help with this issue through close inspection and analysis of feedback, ratings and opinions. By doing so, we eliminate the weak bikes from the list and ensure readers get the pick of the best currently available.

Schwinn a10
Schwinn 120
Schwinn 130
Schwinn 150
Schwinn 170
Schwinn 270
Schwinn 250
Schwinn 230
Schwinn 220
Schwinn A20
Schwinn AC performance plus
Schwinn IC2

Smooth Fitness
Present yourself with a challenging workout using one from a high quality range of Smooth Fitness bikes. Learn how they can directly effect your results through our detailed reviews and articles.

Smooth Fitness V350

Sole Fitness
Sole Fitness exercise bikes come in many shapes and forms including recumbent, stationary, indoor, and upright. We have compiled a list of reviews above that consumers can use to help them decide if the bike is a good match for their fitness needs. Simply click on the model that interest you most to find a full in depth summary.

Generally speaking, their equipment gets a good rapport from customers around the web with plenty of positive consumer reports and reviews being left. We feel this is down to there strong and stable foundations that give them a higher durability level than your average machines. Whats more they offer lot’s of great workout functions and programs that increase the difficulty and intensity of a ride, speeding up the rate at which users burn off calories.

Sole Fitness B94
Sole Fitness R92
Sole Fitness SB700

In most cases, Stamina bikes, both upright and recumbent offer cheap alternatives to many higher tier brands. Despite the low budget tag, they offer a solid design with a reliable base of features.

Stamina 5325
Stamina 1350
Stamina 4825
Stamina CPS 9300

Sunny Health and Fitness
Sunny may not have the same recognition as big players in this industry, however they seem to have a growing following and user base that are consistently happy with their purchases.

Sunny SF-B1001
Sunny SF-B1002
Sunny SF-B1110
Sunny Pro

Velocity Exercise
Velocity Exercise may not be the most known brand on the market, but they do offer decent bikes for both gym and home use.

Velocity Exercise CHB-U2101
Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101
Velocity Exercise CHB-R6

Weslo are part of the ICON health & Fitness group, who are involved with a large number of popular brands in the exercise equipment market. With many years experience and technology at their fingertips, Weslo consistently bring out top quality exercise bikes that are strong, long lasting and reasonably priced.

They produce a good amount of variety in the types of bikes they produce with upright and recumbent styles being the most dominant of there ranges. They make ideal solutions for home gym use, saving money on the need for commercial gym membership and commuting.

Users not looking to break the bank on new cardio equipment will find that many of the model we have listed above could more than suit many users training needs with tons of challenging exercise features designed to push people to the limit.

Weslo Pursuit R 1.2
Weslo Pursuit R 2.2
Weslo Pursuit R 3.8
Weslo Pursuit CT 2.0 R
Weslo Pursuit r 3.2

Xterra Fitness exercise bikes tend to offer plenty of choice in training functionality allowing users to further extend and enhance their performance levels through top class workout programs that are often built into their consoles plus lots of design features that focus on ensuring the user gets the maximum amount of comfort while cycling through adjustable seating and handlebars.

Perhaps less known then some of the powerhouses in the fitness industry but they still offer plenty of top quality cardio machines. This fact is echoed through the many positive consumer reports found throughout the web.

These bikes are very good for home gym use for many different factors, a lot of these advantages get listed in our reviews of individual models which can be found above. The whole idea of us taking time to research into these products is to help you, the consumer better understand what you are buying before you splash out cash. Potentially saving you money on a potentially problem ridden machine.

Xterra UB1.5
Xterra UB2.5
Xterra SB2.5r

Exercise bike buying guide

Always ensure you have a read of the customer ratings and expert reviews. They can provide helpful information often not covered by the manufacturer as well as uncover common faults that will save you from problems and replacements further down the road.

It is never an easy decision when splashing cash on new fitness equipment, that is why we want to help you make the smartest choice by using a combination of common sense, and several sources around the web.

In the links above you will find our detailed exercise bike reviews for various brands. Some, are fast becoming the more popular machines that most gym goers choose to conduct their cardio training on. There are five main types of bike, which we have listed below. Each of them offer unique design features and workout settings that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

The different types of exercise bikes and their design specifics

Recumbent – This style offers more support for your back and the step through design makes it easier to get on and off the machine. A great option for users who tend to get back pains on more traditional models, or those of you who are coming back from injury.
Upright – Arguably the most popular choice among consumers. These offer a great cardio workout and tend to come with a design that will fit into smaller gyms.
Spin – These are often the type found in spin classes. They provide a very realistic workout that runs on a chain drive system, and much like their upright counterparts they can possess great space saving qualities.
Dual Action – This style brings your upper body into the workout with movable arms. Usually found with a more traditional upright design. It is great for toning both your arms and legs.
Interactive – These are the type that get the user more involved in the workout. This can range from clever computerized bike trails, to entertainment features like music and special workout applications. Because they are generally technologically superior to the other styles, they tend to be the most expensive options.

How we determine the best exercise bikes through ratings and quality analysis

First of all. we scour the web, searching for consumer reports and ratings. Once we have compiled a list of positive and negative feedback for a specific model, we then add our own thoughts into the mix based on years of experience using various gym equipment. We feel the best way to help the a consumer make a buying decision is to cut out the majority of research involved and leave them with a thorough review that covers every angle.

When conducting research, we always take the time to check out:

Comfort – We always research the seating design from the padding to the molding. We then look at whether or not it’s adjustable to meet different leg length requirements.
Training features – With the technologically advanced age we are living in, the different features included are changing with every model released. But to give you an idea of what we look for, first of all we try to get a better understanding of the different programs or applications included. We then check what they cover and how they benefit your training. We then go on to browse the various resistance levels to discover if it has enough of a challenge for both the more seasoned user and the complete beginner.
Durability – We check the overall design here, ranging from what material the frame is made of, how the parts are put together and the recommended user weight capacity listed. All of these are very good indicators in showing the strength of the product.
Value for money – Finally, we look at the overall value for money with special consideration being placed on the specifications included compared to other models in the same price range. We also pay attention to consumer ratings to ensure it performs as the manufacturer has described.
We feel all of these details can make or break a bike. That is why it’s important to understand as much as you can about a particular model before you splash out on a new one.

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