XTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical trainer review

The XTERRA FS 3.0 will provide users with everything they need to go down the long and winding road towards a healthier lifestyle. A very effective machine that is reasonably inexpensive when you take a step back and check out everything it has to offer. Perhaps not the most technologically advanced, but at the same time for users on a budget it could be exactly what you need.

It will provide a smooth and efficient ride and give a terrific workout for users who want to push themselves harder than usual.

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In todays world, it is quite understandable that a lot of you will be looking for something that gets the job done on a limited budget. There are some exceptions of course, but the majority of users out looking for a machine won’t want to pay through the roof for something average. That is something that I feel helps this trainer stand out from a lot of the models currently out there in this fitness equipment industry. I believe it is well priced for the amount of features provided and has a great design that offers smooth and effective cardio exercise. Check out more facts and specification on the compiled list below.

  • Twenty levels of striding difficulty. The vast amount of changes in resistance can make your training much more effective when planned and put to good use.
  • A sixteen inch stride length. Probably not the best length for tall people, however that does not mean to say it won’t work for them. However, I personally believe shorter stride lengths are  more suited to average and smaller sized people simply because their legs tend to be shorter thus a smaller stride. Naturally, they will be more comfortable with the sixteen inch stride length than using for example a twenty two inch length.
  • Fourteen workout applications that should be used as motivational tools. They can really help users achieve a motivated and determined state of mind, and once you see yourself moving up the various difficulties provided, this mindset will most likely multiply. Knowing you have been making progress and achieved something in your training is one of the best feelings.
  • Comes equipped with built in heart rate sensors or grips that can easily track users resting and active pulse.
  • The screen on the trainer is a five and a half inch screen that, like most elliptical machines on the market will display some important tracking data related to your exercise so you can get a feeling on how well you have done and how far you have come.  These stats include speed, watts, distance, calories, pulse and time.
  • Runs on a twenty two pound flywheel that will provide a very stable and smooth workout while remaining reasonably quiet. All characteristics that I advise you look for in any home gym equipment.
  • Fully assembled the dimensions of the trainer will be:  60 inches by 24.4 inches by 63.2 inches.

If you are looking for something a bit more advanced or pushing towards the commercial grade quality, why not check out some of the similar elliptical trainers on the sidebar navigation. These are obviously more expensive and vary in features offered but if you have a higher budget and are looking for something with a much more durable frame and quality, you have a better chance of finding it there. However, if you have a lower budget, this model will work wonders if you use it the way it was meant to be used.


I am not going to tell you to buy this or buy that, Instead I will let the XTERRA FS 3.0 settings, design and pricing do the talking for me. Plenty of resistance, a good amount of stability, and up to fourteen exercise programs to keep users going make for a solid end product.

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Our rating:82%
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