Stamina Avari 2000E elliptical review

Elliptical trainers have gained popularity in recent years. Their ease of use and low impact design features only help enhance user experience when training. The Stamina Avari 2000E is a lower budget home gym elliptical which has plenty of great workout features and settings to get your training program off to a great start.

It has a modern and durable design packed full of useful resources that users of all fitness levels can really appreciate.

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For a home gym elliptical, people should generally be looking at things like the space taken up by the equipment, the levels of resistance, how easy it is to track goals and stats, plus the overall strength and design features. You will need to be able to feel comfortable while exercising, that is why you should look for trainers with oversized peddles that can be adjusted to fit your own requirements. This particular model from Stamina fits this bill in many ways.

  • The great thing about the 2000E trainer is that it reduces the amount of impact your joints take onboard. The less impact on your strides, the less chance of injury.
  • Learn more about how well you do in and throughout your workouts by using the computerized stats on the front of the machine. The type of stats that get displayed include time, speed, distance and more. These can be a fantastic tool for several reasons. One of which is user motivation and focus. The more progress a user makes and is able to track, the more they will feel the need to workout. This in turn can help them reach a fitness level that they have never reached before. Of course, users will also need a good diet in place and a well planned training regime too.
  • It includes dual action handlebars which allows the users to give their forearms, biceps, triceps and several other muscles a good workout alongside the lower body muscle groups. So it will not only serve as a great cardio tool, but also a full body muscle toning machine.
  • Users can monitor and track information about their heart rate using the grip sensors. Information about your pulse will then be screened on the computer console at the front of the elliptical.
  • The dimensions are as follows: 44.5 inches L by 24 inches W by 60 inches H. This is a good home gym size that is not too big and not too small.
  • Suitable for beginners through to advanced users. You are able to workout at your own pace regardless of your current fitness level.

This is definitely a lower budget elliptical trainer however, if you are looking for something with a bit more oomph, take a look at our elliptical trainers section for more information about key brands and model numbers.


There is no doubts about it, the Stamina Avari 2000E is a lot cheaper than many of the ellipticals on the market. The good news is that it does not sacrifice too much in terms of exercise technology in order to keep the price low. It has some fantastic workout features alongside a solid frame with reliable settings. Definitely one to watch if you are putting together a home gym with limited cash.

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Our rating:73%
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