Sole Fitness E98 elliptical review

There is no exact science to losing weight, what works for some may not work as well for others. But one things for sure the foundations of a good program includes exercising with a healthy diet. The Sole Fitness E98 elliptical trainer has got you covered on the exercise part, with plenty of tip top settings that will have you pushing your body harder and further than ever before. A strong, and modernistic design could make this particular model perfect for your exercise requirements.

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Provides a long lasting gym solution. A great option for those of you looking to make a change to your lifestyle. Burning off fat, toning up your muscles and improving fitness in general has never been easier thanks to some innovative technology built into the system. Lets take a look at the good points of this particular elliptical.

  • A heavy duty, thirty four pound flywheel makes sure users exercise session goes as smoothly as possible. A great deal of stability and reliability is provided here.
  • The peddles are fully adjustable that will help users position them in such a way that they feel most comfortable under the extra strain of exercising.
  • The console has two heart rate based training applications or programs, two which allow the users to customize them around their needs and six more standard varying programs which focus on helping users achieve the most common goals: endurance, toning, and weight loss.
  • Users can easily monitor heart rate using the built in sensors. This data integrates with the heart rate based programs mentioned above.
  • We mentioned earlier in this article that the e98 elliptical is heavy duty. This is confirmed by the heavier user weight limit of 400 pounds.
  • One taken out of the packaging and installed this trainer will measure at: 27 inches x 67 inches x 82 inches.
  • Blare out your favorite tunes on the built in sound system. With the right beat, most users will find music helps you push through the harder and mor epainful parts of any workout.
  • Includes a cooling fan that is built into the system and it also includes a water bottle holder.
  • The ramp settings can be changed between 0 and 30 degrees. When changed to a slightly steeper angle it will help target different areas of your muscles and keep your body guessing as to what you throw at it next.


A trainer that is similar to this one is the e35. I find it to be handy to check out similar models to get a better understanding of the value of particular features and settings. We also have a elliptical page with tons of information for further research. But to sum up the Sole E98 elliptical machine, I would say it has some world class settings that users will benefit from immensely if they are sensible about it. With a plan of action and solid diet, the settings and functions as well as the stability provided on this machine will be enough to get anyone in shape.

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Our rating:89%
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