Sole Fitness e25 review

What’s interesting about the Sole E25 elliptical machine is the huge variety in features allow you to mix up your exercise and keep it fresh. You body over time will remember your previous workout and your progress will slow significantly. That is why it is always important to keep on increasing the intensity and variety in your workouts. The E25 elliptical helps you do just that.

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This Elliptical comes with a very modern design, equipped with heavy duty rails giving the machine a more stable feel. If you are looking to buy a top tier elliptical, or any cardio machine for that matter, strong and durable design features should be one of the first things you look at.

It weighhs 189 pounds and has a good user weight capacity of 350 lbs which allow users of all backgrounds and health levels to use this machine safely. The dimensions are 27 inches W x 58 inches H by 71 inches D.  The E25 also includes 15 inch pedals which have been specifically designed to reduce the amount of pressure on your joints such as knees and ankles. This size also give your feet a wide enough base to exercise off of comfortably and effortlessly.

The handle bars on the elliptical are fully adjustable, only adding to the overall comfort you get when using the e25 elliptical. On top of all this it also comes equipped with a handy bottle holder and a sound system for playing your favorite tunes through your iPod/mp3 device.

Exercise and workout features and benefits

If weight loss is your goal, it will provide you with the tools you need to get in shape and burn those calories. It’s six standard built in workout programs plus two custom and two heart rate will all aid you in moving towards your ideal body weight. This machine will also help tone up your core, bum, thighs, arms and much more. Think of it as a full body cardio workout. The ability to increase the resistance and the ramp angle shows just how much variety and intensity you can add to your exercise regime. It also includes a twenty to twenty-two maximum stride length which combined with the above will give a fantastic lower body workout.

The LCD  electronic display measures 6.5 inches and will allow you to track time, distance, calories burned and easily switch resistance levels with the push of a button. It also includes a grip and strap heart rate monitor that will show send the pulse rate stats to the LCD display. Monitoring these stats and striving to improve on them will work wonders for your motivation and progress. Just remember to keep mixing your workouts up, and warm up and down before and after every workout session.

Customer reviews

The E25 has been well received around the web, the majority of customers seem to be happy with there purchase often noting about the overall functionality and amount of features it includes.

A couple of reviews I found mentioned how the set up and putting the product together is mildly difficult.


Like many of the Sole elliptical trainers, the Sole Fitness e25 provides everything required for either a beginner to exercise, or a fitness veteran looking to upgrade his home gym. The good definitely outweighs the bad and it provides a lot of variety which will only help in making your workouts that much more intense.

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Our rating:88%
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