Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 review

The CE 7.4 elliptical trainer offers a very stable cardio platform from which to get a low impact workout from. Consistent and smooth strides will really help lower the amount of stress key joints in your legs and arms take on board.

Additionally, it has an above average stride length which is great news for taller people who often struggle to find a machine that caters for their training requirements.

It has received mixed reviews from consumers around the web despite several positive summaries from expert sources.

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Features and specifications

When you look at the list of specs included, our first thoughts are how much variety is included ranging from the efficient breaking system through to the amount of training functions. More does not always mean better as we have learned from many machines in the past. So does this Smooth Fitness model live up to it’s price tag? Will it give you the sturdy and reliable platform from which to get the maximum amount of performance and results from? Lets find out.


It’s stable, and heavy duty flywheel built in has many advantages. First of all it provides a much more smooth and consistent movement on the peddles. Secondly, it adds a bit more durability to the design, and thirdly it can solve many of it’s bump issues users may of felt in different products in the past.

Console and display

The console is equipped with a LED display that covers all the main things you would expect from an upper tier elliptical trainer and more. You will be able to see profile information, as well as performance based stats like speed and time.

The menu buttons are also very easy to navigate which can often be a real time saver to those of you who just want to get going. Not really uncommon among Smooth Fitness machines, but an important feature nonetheless.

Stride length

As we mentioned at the top of this article, it has a much longer than average stride length at twenty one inches, which is great news for those of you who have long legs. Taller people often find it hard to work with many machines due to limitations on the peddles. There is more often then not limitations to how much they can stretch out which in turn effects the intensity at which you workout at.

Workout programs

The 7.4 has fifteen built in exercise programs. Not really the most we have come across in this mid tier, but the important thing is that it covers the most important aspects of any training regime which includes interval training, weight loss, a fitness test, strength building, and much more like heart rate based options. The variety here is a key selling point as it caters for the broader spectrum of users from many different fitness backgrounds.

Difficulty levels

In total there is sixteen levels of magnetic style tension. Smooth and consistent strides are common with this style and can really help in providing a stable and effective workout.

Additional features

Comes equipped with a water bottle holder, reading rack, and fan that can go at three different speeds.


The manufacturer recommends a max user weight of 350 pounds which is something that it has over several of it’s competitors. This is a key indicator of the durability and strength of the framework.


When unpacked and installed it will have a footprint of 83 inches length by 27 inches width by 67 inches height. A good, mid sized trainer that will fit easily into most medium sized home gyms. Smaller rooms may have some trouble finding somewhere to put it, but there is always the option to roll it out using it’s attached transport wheels when not in use. Simply tilt and roll, which takes away the risk of injury through heavy lifting.


What are consumers saying about it?

Judging by our research, we have found there are several places that offer reviews on this model. The general rating is of a average nature with some extremely happy with their purchase, while others a little disappointed. We feel that further research may be needed to take the plunge as it’s not as affordable as some of the competition.


It’s hard to sum up the Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 in a paragraph as there is a mixed reaction across the board. Some consumers are extremely pleased with their purchase, while others say it is not giving the value for money they were looking for. One thing is for sure though, there is plenty of exercise options that will really help you work up a sweat and burn off those calories. If you have a larger than average budget, it could be a smart investment that lasts you for many years to come.

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Our rating:79%
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