Smooth Fitness CE 3.6 Elliptical Trainer review

With a new design, the Smooth Fitness CE 3.6 brings a new level of quality to the elliptical machine market. It is reasonably simple to put together, offers plenty of workout settings to train with, and a all round sturdy frame built to last.

While the machine is quite new at the time of writing this, that hasn’t stopped it from receiving positive feedback from customers on the web. With it’s impact reducing design features, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

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While some trainers tend to put unneeded pressure on users joints while working out, the CE 3.6 has some terrific design features that do a great job in absorbing the bulk of the impact on each stride. Similar models such as the CE 5.5 and the CE 8.0 LC offer similar technology to limit the amount of stress taken on board, but the one you decide to go with ultimately depends on what you want to achieve from your exercise regime. Let’s have a look at the specs of this particular model below.

  • Provides a natural feeling and realistic workout with anatomically correct angles on the peddles. This will do a great job in helping users be as comfortable as possible while training and cutting down on the chance of picking up an injury.
  • Provides an 18 inch stride length.
  • Comes equipped with a computer console that reads, records and tracks some really useful information including how quick you are going, the distance covered, and the time you have taken to do so. If you are serious about improving your endurance and fitness, I would suggest using these stats to push yourself towards reaching new heights and breaking personal bests each time you work out.
  • Includes a space where you can dock your iPod to blare out and stride to your favorite music.
  • Great upper and lower body workout that will really help in toning up.
  • Both beginner and veteran friendly. If you are just starting out, you will find some challenges to work with, and if you are someone who is already naturally fit, there will be some barriers that can improve your fitness further. In total there is sixteen different magnetic resistances to work with.
  • There is ten workout programs included.
  • It allows a user weight limit of 300 pounds thanks to it’s sturdy frame and parts.
  • Operates reasonable quietly and could be a great choice for use in a home based gym.

Overall, the Smooth Fitness CE 3.6 elliptical is going to provide users with some brilliant ways to build upon their current fitness level. Be it working your way up through the different resistance levels, or bringing the many different workout programs into the mix. With the right training regime and this machine, a lot can be achieved in terms of weight loss, building stamina, and toning up. There is certainly a top tier trainer that provides some great value for money.

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Our rating:80%
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