Schwinn 470 Elliptical review

The Schwinn 470 has been creating some buzz in the fitness community. It is a top class machine which will help improve your fitness, health and help tone your muscles. If you are looking to make a change in your lifestyle, using this machine is certainly a step in the right direction.

Users who have purchased this have provided reviews that are mostly of a positive nature. Some plus points include how easy it is to assemble and how good a work out it provides users with.

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While some machines cater for a certain fitness level, this elliptical will cater for users from all backgrounds. It don’t matter if you have never exercised, or you exercise daily and are looking to take it to the next level, this machine will provide it’s users with a wealth of features and opportunities to really improve their overall fitness and well being. See the list of specifications below.

  • It comes with twenty-nine workout programs. Four of these are for beginners, four are for more seasoned users, and there are several others for things like fitness tests and custom programs. All of these will help keep you motivated as you push towards your weight loss and health goals. If you are one of those users who is going to need multiple user profiles for different users (for example a families home gym) then this has all that and more so each user can keep track of his/her own exercise goals and progress. Overall, there are twelve based around user profiles, four that are offer full customization depending on your own goals and fitness requirements, as well as two awesome fitness tests that can be set in a more advanced difficulty level, or one for those of you just starting out.
  • A huge amount of variety in exercise resistance. It comes equipped with twenty five different difficulty levels that will help users push their body to the limit, or if you feel you need a rest day set it on a lighter setting and give those exhausted muscles a bit of time to recover.
  • Comes equipped with quick start keys for resistance and incline settings. Incline will allow users to mix up and add further difficulty to their workout while resistance push button settings make things so much more convenient. In total there are five different climb settings that can help mix things up and remove the muscle memory problem from the training equation entirely.
  • Offers a decent twenty inch stride length to really give your leg muscles a good work out, plus ergonomically designed handlebars can really help reduce the pressure and strain your wrists and arms take on board.
  • The foot plates are cushioned and deliberately oversized to ensure user comfort is maximized. There is nothing worse then being uncomfortable working out, it can cause injury and it is ill advised to carry on working out in a position you are not comfortable in. This is why the Schwinn 470 gives users as much comfort and room as possible.
  • The computer display can and will track statistics about time, speed, calories and much more. Use these stats to your advantage to track and compare how you are progressing as you go along.
  • Comes with a fan that has three different speed settings to keep users cool in those intensive workout conditions.
  • The durability and frame provide a good amount of stability for users. So much so that it will allow a user capacity of up to 300 pounds. So if you are looking for something that will last a little longer than your run of the mill elliptical, this is definitely something to consider. Of course it depends on the users budget but with a good brand behind it with solid reputation in the cardio industry you can’t go far wrong.
  • Your heart rate can be monitored using the traditional grip style. This can then be recorded on the computer display on the front of the 470.
  • Transportation wheels make it a little more convenient to move the machine around rather than lift it. If you are not currently using it, and you feel it is taking up an awful lot of space, simply roll it away into storage and you are good to go.
  • Once installed and assembled, it will measure at: 70.1 inches by 28.2 inches by 63.2 inches. This is not too bulky a size and not to small that it could be perceived as flimsy or weak.
  • Comes with a good set of warranty listed by the manufacturer as up to ten years on the framework, one on the electronics, two years on the different mechanical parts, and ninety days on any labor that may be needed. It’s always a good thing when backed by a respectable warranty, and Schwinn have you covered on this base.
  • If you are wondering how it runs, it plugs into your regular wall power outlet and it also comes with the lead and adapter.
  • Do you have a portable mp3 player, phone, or walkman that needs charging, or simply to be able to transfer data via USB, there is a USB port that allows charging, should you need it.

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What are consumers saying about it?

There are multiple sources around the net that have had buyers leave ratings and feedback. This is not just your regular style ecommerce shops and stores either. There are also many enthusiasts and professional bloggers in the industry who have also left their thoughts about the design, functionality, and overall effectiveness of the 470.

While summing up most of the information found in conducting this research, we found time and time again the positives by far outweighing the negatives. This takes into account customer thoughts from big sites online such as Amazon, and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Overall, we believe it is safe to conduct a summary of the quality of this machine from these findings below.


All factors and features taken into account, it becomes clear that the Schwinn 470 is a top quality mid tier elliptical that will cater for the wide majority of users fitness goals. A wide range of resistance, plenty of programs, and a solid design/frame provide users with good value for money. But, if you still aren’t sure you can see customer reviews on the link below to find out yourself.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:95%
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