Schwinn 430 elliptical review

Elliptical trainers offer users a brilliant full body workout. The movement of arms and legs really help bring both your upper and lower body into the exercise. But with so many elliptical machines to choose from how do you find what is right for you? In this review we are going to be focusing on the Schwinn 430.

This is a machine that isn’t too pricey and has had some great customer feedback flooding in about it’s features and benefits. You can read a bit more from customers who have bought this model on the link below.

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Most of you will be looking for something that offers excellent value for money. But does the 430 elliptical machine live up to the hype surrounding it? Lets find out below as we uncover just what this elliptical is capable of.

  • Exercise programs – I always say the more programs the better. This model offers twenty two different ones which will give users something new to work towards every time you workout. I think that variety within your regime is absolutely vital to achieving your goals, simply because it provides motivation and focus whereas a cardio trainer without these exercise programs don’t offer as many incentives for the user to get in shape.
  • Resistance levels – With twenty different resistance levels, this model is going to keep users busy while trying to reach their targets. The great thing about large amounts of resistance levels is the fact you can gradually work your way towards the hardest levels of difficulty no matter what your current health level is.
  • It provides a exercise platform which offers smooth and quiet operation. Always a plus. If you have ever been in a gym and are trying to focus you may of come across some older machines that don’t get maintained as often as they should causing theme to make all sorts of irritating noises. No such problem here, users will be able to put all there energy and focus into their workout.
  • Stride length measurement – It offers 20 inches stride length which will allow users to stretch out and put their body through it’s paces.
  • The footplates include softening/cushioning properties and are larger than average which will really help cut down the risk of getting a injury and joint pain.
  • The computer display gives users some key exercise statistics. Speed, time and calories are among these stats. If you want to make the most out of this feedback, you should be concentrating on noting down where you are currently at fitness wise, and where you want to be further in the future. Each time you step on the machine to workout you should be working towards breaking a personal best or a target. This will yield results a lot quicker than people who don’t have a plan.
  • The handle bars have been ergonomically designed so users will feel comfortable at all times on the 430. These handlebars also come with grip heart rate sensors. Although this may not be a surprise due to it being a common practice nowadays for most ellipticals, it is always a welcome addition to be able to monitor your heart rate.
  • A sturdy frame built to last, this has all the signs of a top class, durable product.
  • Like most machines these days, the 430 includes transport wheels to easily move it around the gym area. If you have a storage cupboard or area, you will be happy to know there isn’t a lot of heavy lifting involved to move it.
  • It includes a cooling fan that has three different speed settings.


After we put all the pieces together, we begin to understand that the Schwinn 430 comes with a huge amount of features. Each and every one will benefit the end user in some way or another. For a mid tier elliptical machine this model has tremendous amounts of resistance, lots of variation in workout programs and a really sturdy frame which has been designed with user comfort in mind. Surprisingly good value for money when you take a step back and look at the spec list. If in doubt, you can always refer to consumer ratings around the web. They can sometimes provide a different perspective on what to to expect upon purchase and, in a lot of cases, can remove the worries of things that could go wrong.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:82%
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