Schwinn 420 elliptical trainer review

Elliptical trainers are ideal home gym machines because they give both your arms, abs, thighs, calves and bum a great workout. The Schwinn 420 is no different. It offers a great workout for users upper and lower body, enabling you to focus on weight loss, and toning up. Not only that but it is fantastic for building up your stamina.

This has become a very popular choice in the fitness market with many customers giving positive feedback all around the web.

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Features of the Schwinn 420

Let’s take a look at how this model stands out against it’s competition through thorough analysis of it specifications, design and functionality below.

–  The 420 elliptical trainer offers plenty of variety in difficulty with sixteen different levels of resistance. Each one will be more difficult than the next giving users something to build upon in the future. I don’t know about you but seeing myself go up in resistance levels on any piece of cardio  exercise equipment gives me a boost and pushes me further. Less fit users don’t need to jump in at the deep end, start slow and push your way through them gradually. Whereas more seasoned users may want to start on a slightly more difficult level and exercise more intensively. Whichever method suits your needs, this elliptical caters for almost everyone in terms of fitness level.

– A eighteen inch stride length and ergonomic handlebars give users a bit of variety in positions they workout from. It is a great idea to mix up your training regime from time to time, so small things like positioning your arms further up (or down the elliptical) could be very effective for you.

– If you are looking for something that not only gives an effective cardio workout, but also a strong and stable platform to work out from, then it may be a great match for you. A well designed frame with strong components allow a max user weight capacity of 300 pounds, which will be enough for the wide majority of users needs.

– There are eight different workout programs included. For those of you new to elliptical trainers, these applications or programs provide an effective cardio workout plan and targets depending on which one you choose. To simplify it, it is like having a personal trainer alongside you setting out whats goals or targets you should be hitting and it can be an extremely effective way to achieve the weight loss results you have been looking for.

– The 420 comes equipped with a heart rate monitor (in grip format) very handy for keeping track of resting and intensive workout pulses. These stats can be compared over longer periods of time to monitor your progress or as a way to show you that what you are doing has been effective for your heart and body in general.

– The computer display tracks some very handy workout statistics. How you use them is up to you but it is possible to monitor your speed, time, distance, calories burned and plenty more such as resistance level and workout programs.

– A cooling fan, transport wheels and water bottle for enhanced user experience while working out. No need to leave the machine to get a drink and the fan is a fantastic feature that I think anyone will appreciate during an intensive training session.

– The 420’s dimensions are as follows: 62 inches x 26 inches x 71 inches (L by W by H).


The Schwinn 420 elliptical trainer is definitely one worth considering. It depends on individual fitness requirements, but the wide majority of users no matter if beginner, intermediate, or expert will get a great workout out of this machine when used effectively. Plenty of features, a nice amount of workout applications, and a strong, comfortable design will only enhance your exercise regime and for the price it’s hard to find too much wrong with it. If you feel the need to research further, there is multiple feedback and detailed ratings to be found around the web on online stores and shops such as Amazon. There is some additional information waiting to be found in these comments that may help you make a decision if you are sitting on the fence.

Click here to read customer reviews and check prices

Our rating:83%
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