Reebok 910 Elliptical trainer review

The Reebok 910 is a great piece of cardio equipment that will help users reduce their weight and tone up regardless of what the weather is like outside. That is the great thing about indoor home gyms, it removes the excuses and lets users exercise as and when is convenient for them. This particular elliptical from Reebok offers some top class functions that will really enhance any work out regime.

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A perfect match for users looking to extend their home gym with some top class cardio equipment. This elliptical will give both your arms and legs a good work out and to some extent your shoulders and core as supporting/stabilizing muscles. With a well planned out regime users will achieve great results with the 910.

First things first, lets talk about design. It has a very unique and trendy look that would look fantastic in any modern home. It operates on a very sturdy and stable frame which will offer the durability many of us search for in exercise equipment. No one wants to splash out on elliptical that will need replacement parts a year down the line. It is always better to go with a trusted brand that has been built to last.

Another great design feature that focuses on user comfort and experience is the oversized foot plates / pedals. These allow users to position their feet where they are most comfortable. I don’t know about you, but when I exercise in an uncomfortable position, I can’t give it 100% focus. So these pedals are a welcome addition and a feature that will cater for users with larger than average feet.

Next up, exercise features. The stride length is fully adjustable between twenty and twenty-two inches and it includes incline settings up to twenty degrees. Anyone that has run hills or rode inclines in the past will know the extra stress your muscles and body come under on these settings. It is a fantastic tool for increasing the overall intensity of the workout, and great for burning off fat.

Also featured is the twenty two levels of digital resistance. Users will really enjoy working their way through each difficulty level and watching themselves improve over time. Progress serves as a great motivation tool and can really help users stay focused and achieve results faster. What’s more the computer display will offer large, easy to read stats about your current speed, distance travelled, calories burnt and much more. It also acts as a control panel for the resistance and incline settings. To top it off Reebok have also included a much needed work out fan to help users cool off while on the elliptical.


The Reebok 910 is a popular choice in the cardio industry and rightly so. The high tech features and world class spec list will give users their most intensive and fat burning work out to date. If you have a medium to larger budget this may be well worth taking into consideration.

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Our rating:86%
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