ProForm ZE 6 Elliptical Trainer review

The ProForm ZE 6 operates on a front drive system and  offers a nice amount of variety with a twenty inch adjustable stride length. I find the more adjustable a machine tends to be, the more happy I am while training, so this will come as a welcome addition for anyone looking to push themselves to lose weight and tone up.

It provides a good challenge to beginners and veterans alike with a ramp that can be switched between three and twenty degrees. For home users, this could be ideal.

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One only needs to read through the lengthy list of features and specs to understand the sheer quality of this machine. If difficulty and design is anything to go by, this trainer is right up their with some of the best in this price range. Below I will list the various functions, and details so users can get a much clearer idea of how it can benefit your training.

– It runs on a front drive system with a fifteen pound flywheel for smooth, effective workouts delivering no nonsense results. For users aching to get going on your fitness journey, this is ideal.

– As mentioned previously, it offers users a way to increase (or decrease) the incline. The great thing about this is that each level (it can switch between 3 and 20 degrees) will target a slightly different area within your muscles which will speed up results and provide a great alternative to a lot of ‘flat’ trainers on the market.

– Also included is eighteen different levels of magnetic resistance (digital). Users will really appreciate the simplicity and convenience of switching between the different levels with the simple push of a button. It really is a case of pressing a plus or minus sign on the console to reach your desired difficulty level. Whats more, magnetic resistance tends to run a lot quieter than a lot of other forms of resistance. So, if you are in a family home where noises from exercise machines are going to become a problem, this will come as a welcome addition.

– Alongside the eighteen difficulty levels comes eighteen different training programs. These programs are not just random routines designed by the manufacturer. These are specifically designed by qualified professionals such as personal trainers. Each of these programs will offer new challenges to the user and they are all designed to speed up and improve your results. For ease of use, Proform have made it extremely easy to switch between the different apps using the buttons on the console.

– A lot of people mistake elliptical machines as lower body workouts. This is a common misunderstanding. They also offer a terrific workout for your upper body with built in workout arms that will help users burn calories and tone up quicker than ever before.

– Users can easily note down and record their heart rate using the built in hand grip sensors. Data gets fed back to the console, which then displays on the screen. The screen/console also helps track several other notable statistics including time, speed, distance and calories burned.

– The ze 6 is clearly designed in such a way that it will last a long time. It can handle an impressive user capacity of 300 pounds, and with a solid steel frame this should come as no surprise.

– It includes a handy water bottle holder to erase the need for refills when you are in the zone, and it offers built in transportation wheels for those of you who despise heavy lifting. Simply roll in/roll out as and when needed.

– The audio can handle iPods if required. Simply plug in and blare out your tunes as you train.

The ProForm ZE 6 is certainly a very suitable option for users looking for an effective piece of workout equipment that will help them achieve results both in the long and short term. It is packed full to the brim of handy features and specifications that will help users achieve their ideal physique without needing to overspend on overpriced equipment.

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Our rating:87%
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