Proform Smart Strider Elliptical trainer review

The Proform Smart Strider runs on a rear drive system and folds up easily to save space when it is not in use. This in itself is fairly unusual in the elliptical market, although not completely unheard of. A nice touch though, especially if you have limited space to work with.

The design is focused on keeping users comfortable while they exercise as well as being very mobile for a trainer. It’s a solid piece of home gym equipment that could be an excellent choice for all your home workouts.

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How do you tell a good machine from an average machine? It’s not an easy question to answer because the variety in features and designs across the industry is so diverse that it can be very difficult to settle on one machine. That is where we come in. We take a look at individual products, take into account the various settings, features and user feedback around the web with the view of helping you make an informed decision before you buy.

Those of you looking to lose a few pounds and tone up before summer will begin to appreciate the functions provided. The workout settings and applications on this machine when used in the right way can yield amazing results.

In the list that I have compiled below, you will see some of it’s many features that I have hand picked for you to understand what you will get if you purchase this particular model.

  • As mentioned above, it has a space saving design. The simple fact that it folds up easily when not in use is a massive plus point for any user, especially if they do not have a lot of space in the room. Even if you do, you can easily move it away into a storage cupboard if needed.
  • The peddles have been designed to be a lot bigger than the average humans feet so that it can cater for taller people (who generally have bigger feet) as well as giving users the option of positioning themselves where they are most comfortable while exercising.
  • It is equipped with many different difficulty levels (18) and runs on digital magnetic resistance that can be easily be switched to fit user requirements with the push of a button on the console.
  • Like many elliptical machines at this price point, it offers a simple yet effective way of monitoring your heart rate through the use of dual grip sensors.
  • The computer console tracks everything you will ever need to know about your workout from time to distance, speed to calories. Not everyone I have met uses these stats to their advantage. If you are one of those people, you are missing out. They are a fantastic way of keeping an eye on how effective your workout is as the weeks go by, and they can help you set targets.
  • With eighteen different exercise programs, users will be kept busy every time they step onto the machine with new goals and targets to hit. Each one is designed by a professional personal trainer who has first hand experience in what it takes to lose weight and tone up. Each application can be found using the navigation buttons on the computer console.
  • The combination of a inertia enhanced flywheel and magnetic resistance provides the formula for a very quiet and smooth workout.
  • Transportation wheels are included to easily move the trainer about when required.
  • It includes a built in water bottle holder.
  • The 275 pound weight capacity and steel frame ensure the trainer is sturdy, strong and highly durable.

Check out our ProForm elliptical trainer page to see all of our reviews of related machines at various price points. It’s always a good idea to research several products in the same range so you can get an idea of the overall value that a specific model provides.


The Smart strider trainer offers a terrific amount of options and specifications for the price tier. One can expect a long lasting product with an enormous variety in programs and difficulty levels which are all designed in giving you a fat burning workout. The value of a product however, comes in how the user uses it. If you are going to be using this regularly, then you can expect really good results.

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Our rating:88%
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