ProForm 990 CSE elliptical trainer review

The ProForm 990 CSE has been specifically designed for users looking to get a excellent full body workout while minimizing the amount of strain and impact on your joints. It has some classy design and workout features that put it a head and shoulder above the majority of it’s competitors in the elliptical machine market and in the grand scheme of things, the price is pretty respectable too.

Most users around the web have been very pleased with their purchase so far, often commenting on how great a workout they get from it and the design.

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The 990 CSE is a mid tier elliptical with a wide range of features you would come to expect in a top tier piece of gym equipment. This is the perfect solution for home gym users looking to get a solid all round cardio workout without having to break the bank to obtain it. Check out some of the highlights of this model listed below:

  • Adjustable stride length – Not all ellipticals on the market give users the ability to change the stride length to suit their requirements. Luckily this one does. It can be changed between 18 and 20 inches. The good thing about this type of adjustment is that it will allow users to work the glutes and hamstrings a little bit harder by making the strides longer. It is a great feature that will present users with the ability to push themselves harder and further.
  • It comes equipped with 20 built in workout apps. These applications do a great job in keeping users motivated in reaching their weight loss goals. It is also a great way to set and reach fitness goals and targets. Each app has been specially designed by a qualified personal trainer and will primarily target your lower body muscle groups, but it will bring your upper body into the equation too.
  • In most cases ellipticals comes with controls at the front of the machine where the computer is. The cool thing about the 990 CSE, is that the controls can be found on the handles for added convenience. Things like resistance, and incline can be adjusted to meet your needs while exercising.
  • In total there is sixteen different levels of digital resistance. Each one will present users with a new challenge and the higher the resistance levels the higher the difficulty. The wide selection of difficulty levels provided by the trainer mean users will have something to keep them focused and motivated.
  • An unusual and arguable rare feature of this ellipticals design is that it is foldable. ProForm have gone above and beyond to help users save space when it is not in use.
  • Traditional dual grip pulse/heart rate monitor is included allowing users to monitor heart rate on the display as and when they exercise.
  • A sturdy, stable and durable design which allows a user weight capacity of 325 lbs. Generally speaking, this is above the industries average and speaks volumes about how strong the frame and design is.
  • Track your speed, distance traveled and other stats like time on the computer display.


The ProForm 990 CSE elliptical machine has some unique features that you don’t find in most products in this price range. It’s space saving design, convenience and wide selection of features and functions ensure users get their moneys worth and more.

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Our rating:88%
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