ProForm 935 E elliptical trainer review

Not all elliptical trainers are created equal, and in the case of the smart strider 935 e, it is one of the few that offer a fantastic range of exercise settings that provide a great cardio solution for your home or personal gym.

Operating on a rear drive system, this is a machine that would be best suited to those of you looking to get in shape, tone up and increase stamina through using an intensive cardio regime. Find out more below.

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Features and specifications

With a unique front folding and modern design, it is one of those products that is not going to take up too much space when not in use. Easy storage is a important factor in our research as we find a lot of our visitors will not have huge rooms to fit their equipment in.

In addition to this, there seems to be a correlation between ProForm and build quality. This often holds true throughout various models in their product range. Let’s see if it holds true in the list of settings and specs below.


ProForm claim it is easy to assemble one removed from the packaging. Unfortunately there at the time of typing this review there is not a whole lot of information to go on from consumers. But judging by other models they offer, this should be true.


The 935 e comes with a 18 pound inertia enhanced flywheel that will provide the consistent, smooth strides often associated with commercial platforms.


Runs on magnetic style resistance with 24 different levels that get controlled using the console at the front. This is normally the type of tension we recommend for many due to the quiet operation. It is perfect for family gyms, where noise levels may cause irritation.

Workout programs

It is equipped with thirty different exercise apps that help maintain focus and keep things enjoyable. A lot of people tend to give up half way through their regime without seeing the results they targeted. Many of these failing can be attributed to users getting bored or failing to remain motivated. These apps can rally help in keeping things fresh.

Heart rate tracking

Reading and recording your pulse has never been easier thanks to built in pulse sensors or grips on the machine. This information about your heart rate gets fed back to the console mentioned below.


Like most major brands, this comes with a large console that has menu’s, buttons, and a monitor to change the different levels of resistance, applications, and record data related to your training.

The monitor is a large, clear, seven inch touch screen that comes in color. Color and touchscreens are not all that common in the fitness market, so this is a major selling point in our opinion.


Unsurprisingly, this machine is well structured with a large 350 pound weight capacity recommended by the manufacturer. This will cater for almost every user looking to use this elliptical trainer, and size limit is often a giveaway with regards to build and design quality. The steel framework is commercial grade and backs this up further.

Custom design features

Wireless IFit tech is already built into the system removing the need for the program. In addition to this there is a number or really handy design settings such as transportation wheels to move in and out of storage, folding front for saving space, and over sized peddles to cater for the users with larger than average feet.


The ProForm 935 E offers some terrific settings that are first class compared to some other models in this market. It may not meet the budget requirements of some, but for those that can afford it, there is tons of fantastic training options that can really help you achieve the muscle gains, and fat loss you have always wanted. Either way, there is enough value to be found that make it worthy of consideration at the very least.

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Our rating:89%
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