ProForm 510 E Elliptical trainer review

The ProForm 510 E offers a lower budget solution to all your exercise needs. A elliptical trainer provides a high quality workout for both your upper and lower body and does a fantastic job in burning fat and toning up your muscles.

The capabilities and functions of this particular machine will help users take their workout up a few notches, allowing them to reach their long term fitness goals.

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ProForm have long offered outstanding elliptical machines so, what exactly does the ProForm 510 E elliptical offer that makes it stand out from it’s competitors in this price range? Listed below I have highlighted some of it’s key features so that you will get a better understanding of what exactly this elliptical is offering buyers.

  • In total this trainer offers eighteen different workout application/programs. This will help accelerate the fitness curve and allow users to remain focused on shedding the weight. The extra motivation apps like this provide are vital for keeping spirits up and keeping to your daily exercise schedule.
  • The arms will bring your arms and upper body muscle groups into the workout providing users a brilliant full body workout that will not only help tone the legs but also other key muscles like your forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.
  • Another stand out feature of this model is the incline settings. It allows users to set a incline of up to twenty degrees to mix up and increase the overall intensity of the exercise session. The harder you work the quicker the results, providing you also have a good diet plan in place that you are following.
  • Easily monitor your heart rate as and when you exercise with the built in dual grip heart rate monitors. The data will get displayed on the computer at the front of the elliptical for added convenience.
  • Eighteen varying levels of resistance will provide users with lots of difficulty levels to work their way through. This can act as a brilliant motivation tool. When you begin to see that you have gone through five or six levels gradually you begin to understand that your fitness levels are improving all the time. This can give you the extra drive needed to push yourself a little bit further each time you step on the trainer.
  • The stride length is fully adjustable between 18 inches and 20 inches.
  • Users can see how they are doing in their workout in terms of time spent on the machine, overall speed, distance travelled and other cool readings such as calories burnt. All these statistics just make your workout more interesting.

What consumers are saying

For a lower to medium tier model, there is certainly no shortage of customer and expert feedback around the web. Some good, some bad, either way they will help shine the spotlight on the elliptical machines faults and qualities.

Amazon – There seems to be a mixed reaction from users on Amazon. Although most feedback is of a positive nature, there is enough negatives to make you want to dig a little bit deeper to make sure the item does as it describes. Examples of positive feedback include good value for money, sturdiness, and smooth strides. Negatives include one unhappy customer who complained that it fell apart in the first weeks of use. Although this does not seem to be a common theme, it is certainly something worth taking note of to protect yourself from any similar scenarios in the future.

Video overview

This video offers a visual overview to this particular model and what to expect upon purchase.


The 510 E is a fantastic piece of cardio equipment. It offers a lower and upper body solution for toning muscles, and burning fat. It has some brilliant workout apps, and plenty of variety in resistance helping users to push themselves harder for longer. To top that off you will find, in most cases that you will not need to break the bank to get your hands on it. Overall it is a top quality elliptical for users of all fitness levels.

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Our rating:86%
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