ProForm 410 CE Elliptical trainer review

For those of you looking for a more advanced workout with specialized workout features and functions, then the ProForm 410 CE could be exactly what you need.

Built into the system is some great workout technology and applications that will help users improve their endurance, tone up and ultimately get rid of any excess fat. It is a intermediate tier cardiovascular platform in my opinion offering the best of both worlds. Great top tier features but not too expensive to get hold of.

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So what does a trainer need to make it worthy for home gym use? Well most users would argue it is the features included. I on the other hand would say to look at the design first. Unless you are living in a mansion with almost unlimited gym space, you will want to ensure it is going to fit in your own home gym first and foremost. Secondly you want to look at the frame and strength of the product. If it feels sturdy and not flimsy this is always a plus. Only then, in my opinion, should you take into account the exercise features that are built into the trainer. Luckily this model offers great space saving design features (it folds up easily), has a strong frame and plenty of high tech workout settings to really boost your performance. Stand out features of this elliptical for me include:

  • Sixteen different workout applications to give users new challenges and help them focus on reaching and improving upon their goals. Each one has been designed by a qualified PT, so you know these are not just random programs, they are built by someone knowledgeable, and who knows what it takes to lose weight and get in shape.
  • There is also plenty of digital resistance levels (twenty in total). Beginners may find some of the levels a bit too difficult for them, but that is the beauty of it. It allows you to work your way up and motivate you to work harder every time you train. Some equipment can lack depth in tension and difficulty levels so this is a nice addition.
  • Users Heart rate can be monitored with grip sensors. Users can use this information for tracking purposes, and to understand just how hard their body is working. It is even handy to check the difference between both resting and intensive workout beats per minute.
  • Steel construction helps maximize the durability of the product. No one wants to buy a trainer that break early, so strong cores like the one included on this one is very important. Further backing up this strong design statement is the fact that it is marketed as heavy duty and can hold users of up to 300 pounds.
  • The stride length offered is 18 inches.
  • It comes with a handy workout fan and transportation wheels for added mobility in and around the home.

Obviously, there are cheaper, less high tech elliptical machines on the market. You can find some good ones in our under 500 bucks elliptical section. Otherwise, you could take a look at our elliptical machine reviews section for full lists of brands and models to see if anything their fits your requirements.


The ProForm 410 CE has a certain aura surrounding it. Not only does it offer the strength a long lasting durability home gym equipment needs, but also it offers users some unique workout applications that can really effect users exercise performances in a positive manner.

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Our rating:84%
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