ProForm 1110 E elliptical trainer review

The ProForm 1110 E is a high end, frond drive elliptical machine designed for users with a higher budget. It has a sturdy and unique design that has stability written all over it, this model comes packed full of brilliant features that will have users working up a sweat and burning off calories in no time. Users who have been fortunate enough to train on it, have been for the most part pleased. With consumer reports further reinforcing this.

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Key features of the ProForm 1110 E

Probably the best thing about using this model is the fact that it can be used to train on in the comfort of your own home. No longer is there a lasting requirement to make the journey to and from your commercial gym everyday. This also comes with some financial benefits too. Gym memberships can really pile up in the long term, and providing everything works out the way you want it to, a great deal of money can be saved if you buy a machine once for permanent personal use.

Let’s not forget the time convenience. Users will be able to workout on the 1110 e elliptical machine when and where they want. There are many that may discard this fact, but if you have a lot on your plate with work and what not, this can be a fantastic solution to get your training done. Below I have listed some of it’s stand out features that some shops online fail cover in much detail.

  • A really sturdy and stable design, with a frame made from a solid steel for maximum durability. The chances of this machine breaking early in your ownership are a lot slimmer, and some of you will know first hand how frustrating choosing a new elliptical can be.
  • A long 20 to 22 inch stride ensures users get the most out of there exercise, combined with its 32 lbs flywheels users can be sure they are going to get a effective but smooth all body workout.
  • Offers users with the option to increase the intensity of there work out by setting an incline or climb of up to twenty degrees. Setting this is extremely simple and it will not interrupt your rhythm, should you wish to change midway through a session. This is brilliant for increasing the difficulty that little bit more. For more advanced users, there may come a time where you reach a plateau when training. This is quite common, so when you do find yourself not improving and progressing as much as you would of hoped, why not switch it up and make your workout that extra intensive.
  • Provides a excellent cardiovascular exercise that will improve users circulation, muscle tone/mass, and help users burn off fat. In addition to this, users looking to tone up there legs, core, and upper body will really feel the burn when on this machine. The real results come when you are consistent in your efforts and working out intensively enough.
  • Soft grip design on the handles reduce the amount of pressure and stress your hands, wrists and arms take on board.
  • The striding platform or pedals if you like are cushioned and deliberately over sized and offer special grip/traction so that users of all sizes can ensure there footing is safe at all times. These design features, although common sense, are a vital part of any machine and can really prevent injury in the long term. Furthermore these pedals can be readjusted to give that little bit extra in terms of personalized comfort while exercising.
  • It comes equipped with handy transportation wheels that will allow users to easily wheel it about the house or gym. No heavy lifting involved and only adding to the overall user convenience.
  • The ProForm 1110 e comes with a large seven inch computer monitor which displays really helpful information on how your workout is progressing. Key info includes but is not limited to: Time, speed and calories. It also comes with 32 different built in workout programs. The data is really easy to read giving users a rough idea of what they should be working on to improve there results and fitness. What’s more, users will be pleased to know that it is compatible with your iPod. I find that music can be the difference between pushing out a extra couple of miles and giving up. With the right beat and tunes on your ears, it can be a great tool for determination and digging deep to get the best possible results out of your workout.
  • In total there is 25 different levels of resistance for users to work with. It accommodates beginners and more advanced fitness users. This is magnetic based resistance which is also a great option for people looking to get a more smooth and reliable exercise session.
  • If it’s weight capacity says anything about the durability and stability of the trainer, then users will be pleased to find that this machine can handle a large user weight at 375 pounds.
  • Product dimensions are: 78 inches length x 27 inches wide x 78 inches height.
  • Comes with a really handy iPad holder at the front of the machine. With all the exercise applications, and entertainment programs available on these devices these days, we think this is a rather fitting addition to the machine. The shelf is removable if you don’t happen to own one of these gadgets.
  • It has iFit technology enabled, which is a fantastic platform for routes, using Google maps and much more.

The 110 e elliptical machine offers users with a modern design that could be the ideal choice for use in your home gym. It’s powerful performance features will help you take your cardio and training to the next level. If you put the work in, and are consistent with you diet, this trainer could be the only other tool you need in your arsenal to get you the results you have been trying to achieve.


Summary – The 1110 e is a solid piece of gym equipment that could change your life

A classy piece of equipment that would not look out of place in many commercial gyms, let alone for home users. If you fall into the category of people who tend to have a larger budget and are looking for a high performance elliptical machine, the ProForm 1110 E elliptical machine may be a suitable match for you. It is extremely well constructed and has a huge variety in terms of resistance, workout programs and customization features.

Although it is not the cheapest I feel this trainer is well worth the price due to it’s capabilities and specification. So, if you are truly serious about buying a new high end cardio machine, this could well be the one that meets all your training needs. You can learn more about it’s design, specs, pricing and similar models through the link below.

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Our rating:92%
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