Octane Fitness Q35c review

The Octane Fitness Q35c elliptical cross trainer targets both the upper and lower parts of your body through dual action arms and striding peddles. Those of you familiar with the design of these machines will appreciate the effective workout they can provide when used correctly.

This model has attracted plenty of consumers attention through positive feedback, a modern, well built frame work and overall depth in training features. Those of you looking for something stable for the long term combined with low impact cardio, this could be a perfect match.

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Features and specifications

So after looking at the extensive list of specs, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by what exactly is on offer. The best way to handle the buying decision is to break down every setting and function into separate groups like those listed below. This allows you, the consumer, to get a thorough understanding of individual parts without getting confused.


There is a good amount of resistance on offer with twenty different levels of difficulty for both new users and seasoned athletes. This will work well for those of you looking for either a light or intense training session. Not all machines offer the same flexibility as on offer here, so this is certainly a great selling point as not everyone who uses it is going to be at the same level of fitness.

Workout programs

Fourteen programs. Ten of which are the built in ones and four are customized ones that are more based around target setting and goals. Perhaps not as extensive as it could be at this price range, however we believe there is a respectable amount there to keep you busy for quite some time.


The console and small monitors are quite advanced and have a great collection of settings and functions that improve the overall user experience. Easily check your striding stats with screens for time, speed, distance and perhaps the most important of all calories burnt screen. All of these are handy and can help people with the right plan of action in place.

Below these screens are the buttons, controls and menus that are clearly labelled and easy to use. There is a quick start and cool down options, and several buttons to control which resistance you are using as well as training programs.


It has a striding length of twenty and a half inches which is unfortunately fixed. Adjustable strides can come in handy for family machines as leg lengths vary quite a bit between females and males.

It has transportation wheels that make light work of any lifting or movement around the house and can handle user weights of up to 300 pounds.

When you look at most cross trainers, this is clearly ahead of much of the competition in many ways. The big downside or shall we say, limitation, is the price. It is not going to be attainable for some of you with lower to medium budgets. But those of you looking to splash cash on state of the art equipment, this could well be a step in the right direction.


Overall, the Octane Fitness Q35c elliptical machine has a aura of quality about it. It becomes clear after analysing the design and options that are built in that this is a higher end product that would be perfect for a home gym user with an above average budget. The good thing about these higher priced products is they are slightly more structurally safe than your average model but with extra capabilities in terms of training and staying fit.

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Our rating:90%
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