Livestrong LS13.0E-2 review

The Livestrong LS13.0E-2 contains several functions that extend it’s capability beyond what many of the elliptical trainers in this price range can do. With a huge brand name behind it and sterling reputation, it is easy to see why this is a popular and effective cardio platform.

Consumers have further highlighted it’s strong points around the web, mainly singing it praises. You will find some complaints, as with any product, but for the most part it maintains a solid rep.

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The LS13.0E-2 elliptical machine will offer a great deal of flexibility and variation to anyone’s workout. The amount that stands to be gained in the right hands is huge. When we say right hands, we mean anyone with a solid exercise and diet plan. What you don’t want to end up doing is what a lot of others do and that is fall into the trap of splashing out on high tech machines without a plan of action. Users often find themselves disappointed with the end results in those cases. But if you are fired up, organized in your approach, results and achievements in terms of fitness can be excellent.

Incline settings

Make use of the 100% incline feature that can be changed in increments of 5% depending on your goals. This is a great way to pace yourself and go at the intensity you feel you can handle. Progressive training like this is arguably the most effective at achieving the weight loss and endurance results you are looking for.

This can be controlled quite easily from the console at the front of the machine. The fact that this has quick start controls on these particular options make it so much more convenient to the consumer.

Difficulty and resistance system

It has twenty different resistance levels which when you combine with the different incline options, can be a potent force in burning off fat, building stamina and improving all round fitness. Start off with the resistance you feel most comfortable with regardless of your current fitness level and work your way up.

Stride length

It has a twenty inch stride length which is not too bad when you factor in similar models in this price band. It gives users enough room to stretch out there legs and get an all important burn on those muscles.

Computer console

In addition to the quick start controls and navigational menus for the various difficulty levels, the LCD display monitor provides key performance indicators such as speed, distance, time and much more. Each of these can be a brilliant way to record the effectiveness of your training. The screen itself is clear and easy to read and positioned conveniently well to monitor progress as you stride away.

In addition to this it has a built in workout fan to keep cool even in the most strenous and intensive workout sessions.

Heart rate monitor

The LS13.0E-2 elliptical machine has very conveniently placed built in pulse sensors on the machine that will stream all the data directly to the computer console for tracking purposes. This is an ideal way to monitor both your resting and active heart rate.

Dimensions and other design features

Once unpacked and installed, this model will measures at 31 inches x 63 inches x 75 inches (W x H x D). At the same time, it will weigh 220 pounds, which is not too heavy and should be relatively easy to move around the house with a bit of effort.

In addition to the above it provides a strong stable base and frame for durability and has a suggested user weight limit of 350 pounds to highlight this.


The Livestrong LS13.0E-2 elliptical trainer has many qualities. Some of which allow it to stand out against many of it’s rivals. It has a decent set of training functions that can really improve upon your fitness results and can help you make progress in the weight loss department. In addition to this users will be pleased to know it has a very strong structure for a longer than average lease of life.

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Our rating:87%
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