Livestrong Fitness LS15.0E Elliptical review

If you have been looking for a piece of cardio exercise equipment suitable for home gym use, that provides the tools needed to achieve results, then the Livestrong Fitness LS15.0E may be a great match.

It provides a great upper and lower body workout, and with the multiple exercise settings, the difficulty and intensity rate at which you exercise can be adjusted with ease. Users who have purchased this for the most part have been very happy with the results.

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A great home gym solution that has a design that focuses on reducing the overall impact each stride has on key joints such as your knees. This type of design is effective in preventing injury, while at the same time provides benefits that other types of exercise equipment can’t provide. Some interesting facts and features how an elliptical can benefit you include:

  • For fat burning purposes, this will be extremely beneficial. The fact that it gives a full body workout just makes you work harder than other equipment that focuses on singular muscle groups.
  • Great for toning up and strengthening arms, bum, thighs, calves, abs and more. With a good training plan that you stick to on a regular basis, the end results can be brilliant.
  • It will improve blood circulation and heart health.
  • It will help improve your general health and fitness, especially breathing. Over time you will notice you will not be gasping for breath as often, a sure sign that the trainer is having a positive effect on your body and well being.
  • As with any exercise machine, it is fantastic for relieving stress.

On top of this, the LS15.0E is equipped with plenty of top class features that include:

  • A thirty pound flywheel, that allows it to operate at a quiet and smooth level. The silence and smoothness is ideal for the home setting as it will minimize noise and impact on other users around the household.
  • It has twenty levels of difficulty built into the trainer offering varying resistance on each of your strides. Both beginners and veterans will find a challenge on this machine.
  • It offers incline settings of up to 100% which can be increased in sets of 5% to allow users to work their way up gradually to the more difficult climb settings.
  • The console offers simple navigation and push button operation that also comes with quick, push butting incline and resistance settings. From the same console, users can control the several different exercise programs that are made specifically for weight loss, heart rate monitoring, fitness tests and more.
  • Once it is installed and set up in your gym it will take up a space of 31 inches by 63 inches by 75 inches.
  • The frame supports a 350 pounds weight capacity, highlighting the sturdiness and durability of the design.

As this is rated as a higher tier option, we understand it may not be within everyone’s budget. That is why we have a section that highlights some of the best elliptical trainers under $500. Furthermore, we also offer an elliptical machine section that highlights each trainer by brand name and model.


The Livestrong LS15.0E is clearly a top quality trainer with tons of really great features that will blow the average user away. For home gym use this will more than exceed the average users fitness needs. A great range of resistance, strong design and plenty of apps and settings ensure users will get the most out of their training regime.

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Our rating:89%
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