Lifecore VST-V8 elliptical review

The lifecore VST-V8 is a upper tier elliptical machine that is full to the brim with a fantastic spec list and design features. Unlike a lot of ellipticals on the market this gives users the option to vary the length of striding by a significant amount. Users can adjust it anywhere from 18 inches to 26 inches. This is a pretty rare feature but a very welcome addition as it will help cater for all fitness types and allow you to keep your body guessing by mixing up each workout.

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Features and specs

This is no doubt a solid piece of cardio equipment from lifecore. Perhaps not the best match for users on a tight budget, but if you do have a larger than average budget to spend on cardio equipment then this model certainly offers everything you need to reach your fitness potential. Below I have put together a spec overview that will outline exactly what it offers and why it will benefit you.

  • As mentioned above this trainer allows users to switch and adjust the stride length from 18 inches to 26 inches. This is not only for user comfort preferences but also to change the difficulty of your workout. Longer strides will stretch/push your muscles a little bit further than your most comfortable strides and ultimately it will help you tone up your legs and burn fat. The great thing about this feature is that it is so simple to switch between stride lengths. A push button option is avaiailable so users exercise regime will not get interrupted while switching.
  • It comes equipped with sixteen different levels of magnetic resistance. The more resistance /tension levels avaialble to users the better. No one wants to buy a machine with a limited amount of difficulty options. Lifecore have made sure the VST-V8 gives enough variation in difficulty so that beginners can start at the bottom and work there way through each at their own pace. Intermediate and seasoned users can start on a somewhat mid level resistance and work their way up from there.
  • Space saving design that makes it ideal for home gym use. A compact 56 inch frame that is easy to move around when needed. Made even easier by transportation wheels.
  • Twelve different exercise programs with different tasks/goals for the user to meet. A great tool for staying motivated.
  • A durable, heavy duty design that allows user weights of up to 300 pounds. The frame itself is very sturdy and stable.
  • The foot pedals are cushioned to reduce impact on users joints and prevent injuries.
  • Computer display offers information about speed, time, distance, calories and more. Tune it to your needs and get a better understanding of how your workout regime is going by recording these stats each time you exercise.


The Lifecore VST-V8 is a strong trainer with a wealth of features and functions that will suit home gym users from any fitness background. A nice amount of resistance combined with lots of workout programs and a solid, durable frame make this a terrific upper tier elliptical.

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Our rating:84%
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