Lifecore Fitness VSTV6 Elliptical Trainer review

The VSTV6 elliptical can help you reach your workout targets using it’s top class tech and functions. As a higher tier machine, it is equipped with several different design features that can integrate and compliment any users training.

Lot’s of resistance, very compact and a reliable brand name are just a few of the things that stand out for us at first glance. If this is in your budget range, it is certainly worth taking time to consider if it meets your own fitness requirements.

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Features and specifications

Sometimes, consumers buy home gym equipment without proper planning of where it is going to all fit in, once you have everything you need. For example, most medium sized homes can fit a good few machines and weights in a single room, but only if they are reasonably compact. This is often overlooked, and people tend to choose the more bulky option despite space saving cardio trainers being right in front of their eyes. This is one such type. It has all the low space consumption properties needed to fit nicely into any medium sized room with space to spare. It’s dimensions are just 57 by 48 by 23 inches.

Size information aside, the VSTV6 has some tremendous training features such as the ability to vary the size of your strides and the amount of choice in resistance difficulties.

Arguably one of it’s best selling points is in it’s ability to switch between eighteen and twenty six inch strides. A feat that isn’t all that common in the elliptical machine market. Not only will this accommodate different training types, but it will also cater for users with different leg lengths. Meaning it is a ideal option for multi user environments such as family homes or small gyms.

As mentioned above, the amount of resistance on offer is terrific. Sixteen differing levels of tension give the variety people need to train how hard they want. They can even go for the lower impact option or the extremely difficult intensive route. Both have their benefits and both will help beginners through to advanced athletes achieve better results in the long run.

On top of this, it runs on magnetic style resistance which is well known to be a very quiet and smooth way to train. If you are looking to incorporate both of these things into your exercise regime, this machine could be a great place to start.

There is not currently a whole lot of consumer feedback or ratings outlining it’s main positives and negatives. However, from our research, the majority of information we have found has been of a positive nature. The only downside for some, will be the price is fairly steep compared to some other options.


All in all, the Lifecore Fitness VSTV6 gives you what you pay for. Both technologically speaking and training wise, it has plenty to offer and can hold it’s own against plenty of the elliptical machines on the market. There is some top class specs listed that will only help and enhance the results you obtain from using it and it will fit quite easily into most family homes.

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Our rating:87%
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